Hello everybody, I am a prospecting student that is to be admitted to an LLM Program at a U.S. University in Fall 2022. I have won the Fulbright Scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023, and this scholarship does not fully cover the tuition fees for the most expensive within the range (60k-70k), unless financial aid for parts of the tuition fee is granted. Therefore, I would like to kindly ask anyone with experience/or other prospecting students, about their choices of LLM for commercial/business law in the U.S.
I have researched and found some great ratings for Fordham, Penn State Dickinson Law, Mary Carey University, Boston College, Boston University, Temple University etc.
Do you have any suggestions or plans to applying to other universities for Commercial/Business Law?
I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Kind regards and best of luck!