Hello everyone! Hope everything is well and set for the LLM/JD programs. I am really confused and not sure whether I have made the best decision. I have also graduated from outside the US, but I am an American citizen (I lived in NY for a couple of years and my father is American). I have applied to Fordham´s International and Trade Law and have recently been accepted to the program. Although, after thinking about the programs and what I would be more evolved, I realized that I am more into International Law (focusing on Human Rights). Does anybody have suggestions... I have been practicing Tax and Corporate Law in Brazil and have graduated in December/2009. However, I love Human Rights subjects and Criminal Procedure. I have then, decided to go for the International Law & Justice program. This request was made by phone today. Was this a good decision? Fordham is considered a as top school in the US, just not for this specifc program I guess... I know jobs prospective are not great for LLMs, I am planning to go for the JD after if necessary.... I really love NY and I have visited Fordham (It seems like a great place to start fresh). By the way, who is also interested in International programs? Thanks!!!