Hey everyone, I'm in need of urgent advice.

I recently graduated as a lawyer (LLB) in a foreign country but I'm an american citizen and will be moving back to the US. I specialize in human rights, specifically in refugee law and gender justice, I've worked as a consultant for international ngos, interned at important international organizations, and have important refugee volunteer work, but as I won't be able to practice as an attorney in the US, I was considering applying for paralegal positions while I get into an LLM program. But, I was wondering if working as a paralegal hurts my chances of getting into a Top-20 LLM program? What other type of legal related work would you advise me to look for if paralegal is not an option?

I am really struggling here because I really don't know what to do and staying at the country where I recently graduated as an attorney is not really an option right now.

Please help me figure this out.