I am from Switzerland and will graduate from College in february (regular Master of Law). I completed my LL.B in Switzerland 1 year ago, and I'll start the mandatory internship in order to be admitted to the Swiss bar in early 2023. At the same time as my internship, I'll be accomplishing a LLM at Kings College. With the Brexit ongoing and the new SQE-exame entering in, I'm wondering which steps I'll have to follow if I plan to move to the UK in 2023, after becoming a lawyer in Switzerland. It is not entirely clear if there would be any exemptions of taking the SQE, or if I would have to go through a trainee contract before being able to work as a lawyer in the UK. Is it possible to work at a law firm as a foreign lawyer without actually accomplish the SQE or any kind of exams? Can the 2-year internship in Switzerland be qualified as "two-year qualified work experience"? Is the a special regime for Swiss lawyers, as Switzerland is not part of the EU?

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