I am planning to apply to UK law schools, particularly King's and UCL for the 2023 season. I am looking to the details of the programs, the academic staff and the modules etc.
I am planning a finance and corporate based program.

In King's, there is Prof. Tennekkoon which is a top tier practitioner obviously. In the introduction video, Prof Tennekkoon says that there are also other practitioners in partner level teaching alongside him and that the program is very practice oriented.

However, when I look at UCL Banking and Finance, Commercial and Corporate Law specialist degrees, I see that there is Narine Lalafaryan, Jonathan Chan, Graham Penn, Iris H Chiu. As far as I see, they are not practitioners, except for Graham Penn. Ms. Lalafaryan seems to be a great lecturer having taught in many top ranking institutions but she is not a practitioner. Also the others such as Jonathan Chan and Iris Chiu, I am not sure how great they are.

I know that UCL is one of the best in UK after Oxbridge and LSE and generally has a better ranking than King's. However, when I look into the academic staff and the modules, UCL does not seem to be that better than King's. Am I missing any point? Can anyone who has already studied similar programs in one of these universities clarify this point?

Thank you.