Hello! I am a undergraduate law student from Mexico, due to graduate this May from my program. I am planning on continuing my studies and I've applied to several universities in London, the programs are more or less the same at their core. I've been offered a place at LSBU and London Metropolitan, I also received a scholarship at London Met so I'm obviously learning towards that school, but my dilema here is that the programme at LSBU is an LLM in Human Rights where the programme at London Met is an MA in Human Rights. I would hope to one day work for NGOs and do charity work, maybe legal advisory at some point, so I don't know which postgraduate programme would suit me better.
I like the programme at London Met a bit more than I like the one at LSBU, and there's the fact that I received a scholarship from them, so that's my number one option at the moment. But in all honestly, I don't need the scholarship and could choose either programme, I just don't know if I should go for the LLM or the MA.