Hi guys, my name is Usman Ahmad and I am from Pakistan, the following are my educational qualifications:

LLB (University of London External Program) 2015
LPC (City University of London) 2018

I plan to come to England again for my LLM. In light of recent developments and change in policy with regard to students being allowed 2 years to look for jobs after graduating I wanted to know what is the job market like for someone like me keeping in mind I had to return to Pakistan as I was unable to secure a training contract in the four additional months on my visa after I had completed my LPC.

What are the chances of securing a training contract whilst I pursue my LLM and the two years time I get after completing the LLM.

Furthermore, with specific regard to the Banking and Finance industry, how likely is it that banks, asset management companies, brokerage companies hire lawyers who may not have a TC but 3 law degrees (in case i complete my LLM as well).

I would highly appreciate everyones input on this! thanks in advance guys!