I am a international law student studying a 5 year law degree in South Africa (this includes 3 years of BCom Law and 2 years of LLB). My plan has always been to do my 5 years in South Africa and then do a conversion in the UK. The standard course that I would have taken would be 1 year of GDL and another year of LPC training, and then a 2 year training contract (if I am lucky enough to get one in that short period of time). But this is changing, and the new standard will be commencing in 2021 (the SQE) which leaves me uncertain about the future (despite my final graduation year being November 2024).

I suppose this thread is to ask if anyone knows any vacation schemes / clerkships that an overseas student can do in England (preferably only paying the cost of flight or less). Linklaters used to have an African Clerkship but nothing has been updated on their page for around 2 years now. I reckon that if I can get an international vacation scheme under my belt then I can appear as a better candidate.

The other question would be to ask if there are any companies that would fund an international students GDL/LPC (or SQE) despite not getting an LLB from inside the UK?

Thank you for your time!

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