I am presently working on trade remedies in my home country, and am looking for some guidance on the following.

1. Considering Washington DC is one of the three world centres for world trade, does passing the District of Columbia Bar exam in any way promote ones chances of working with the international trade law firms in Washington DC.
2. It seems the eligibility criteria is 26 semester hours from a ABA accredited US Law School in subjects related to the bar exam. Is it remotely possible to fulfill this obligation through an LLM.
3. Considering my interest in international trade , LLM from Georgetown was my first choice. Does Georgetown benefit or prejudice in any way the chances of clearing the DC bar (for example does not offer to LLM candidates the subjects required by the DC Bar or limits the max credit in such fashion so as to prejudice any chances)

Would look forward to some guidance here. At sea with this, and nothin available on the net seems specific enough.