Dear all,
I am writing here in order to clarify some aspects about my future educational choices. I will have a bachelor in International and European Studies in 5 months' time. My questions are the following. Should I pursue a LLM in international law without having an llb? Is GDL necessary for me and for my future? I have been taught international law courses during my bachelor and I would say that I didn't find so many difficulties. Also which are the career prospects for me after an llm without a regular llb? Obtaining a GDL means that you are worldwide recognized as holder of a LLB? After 4 years of studies up to now, 1 year of GDL, 1-2 years of LLM will I have the typical qualifications of working in a law firm for example which examines international law cases? In conclusion, is a LLM a positive step for my situation or a complicated one?
Thanks a lot a priori! I look forward to receiving your response