Hello dears,

as many professionals in the legal field are here, i wanted to ask a question regarding a career choice for which i am still hesitating.

I am from morocco and have a master degree in Business law from a Moroccan university( French language degree), and work now for more than two years in a multinational company in Casablanca as a legal advisor.

I am thinking seriously about pursuing an LLM in international Business law, as i want to experience working abroad. Therefore, and as i am in a budget, i choosed to study in Germany ( as it is one of the most developed countries+ University is free ), so i will need to cover only my living cost. To make this big move i will be studying German language for a year and a half before going to Germany as the LLM is offered is in English & German.

My question is related to the international opportunities that could be opened to me after finishing my LLM studies , in Germany or even abroad ( European or Asian countries) ? Do you think that an LLM from Germany in addition to my background will able me to find a suitable position as legal advisor for an international law firm or a multinational company in Germany?

I would be very thankful for your feedbacks, and if you have any other suggestions or options that could lead to same results or career orientation i would be glad to read it.

Thank you so much dears.