So my situation is a bit unique. I'm currently a lawyer in America w/ a JD from a top school, and I was practicing in America for the last year in a government litigation job.

However, I'm now in a long term relationship with someone currently studying in Denmark, and we've started exploring the possibility of me moving to Europe to work/live/raise a family/etc.

Unfortunately, I've never practiced or even thought about the possibility of practicing abroad, specifically in the I've started thinking about the possibility of an LLM. My end goal would be some kind of position at an international law firm, with the hope of transferring in house when possible.

To me, the benefits are: 1. get some kind of experience w/ EU law 2. give me a year to network w/ international law firms while in Europe 3. I can spend a year in Europe with my SO.

Does this make any kind of sense...or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?