Hi everyone,
I'm a new member at LLM GUIDE.
I've tried (unsuccessfully) to find some information on the requirements to sit for the German State Examination. I have a foreign (Dutch - so EU) law degree (LLB in Dutch Law and LLM inn International Trade Law) and would like to pursue an LLM degree in Germany and become a lawyer. I know that an LLM degree will not, by itself, allow me to take the State Exam in Germany.
However, is it possible to take additional courses in Germany in order to meet the requirements to sit for the State Exam? Are there other additional qualifications that would allow me to take the exam? I understand that I need to do the two year traineeship period (Referendariat) afterwards, but I can't imagine I need to retake everything for 4 years before I can take the State Examination

Does anyone know if there's a way to become a lawyer without having to study for another 6 years?
Thanks a lot in advance!