By ivan2006 in NYU - Class of 2007 on Oct 28, 2006

After 10 weeks of LLM, the so-feared midterm exams have arrived. In my particular case, I just had 1 exam, but it was a good example of what will be the exam period in mid-December: a crazy period of study… Most (if not all) of the exam are open book, which does not mean you have to study less – all the contrary. You may take your books and your outlines to the exam, but the problem is that you do not have time to open them. I have heard that NYU has a policy according to which all exams are made not to be finished. In other words, all the exams are lengthy, long exams that you should try to finish as fast as you can. And most of the times you cannot finish them. But then, the American grading system applies: since the curve determines a grade by comparing your scores with the other students of your class, it does not matter if you do not finish the exam – as long as the others do not finish it either… Other aspect that you should take into account: the exams are made in your laptop. So, in order to gain some extra time to answer all the questions, you must type fast. Sometimes it can be unfair: I am sure that a friend of mine who was the best prepared for the midterm did not do it as good as we could, just because he types slow… So practice with your keyboard, folks!Time is running fast and there is no time for fun anymore, except for few occasions (like the Halloween party next week). I spent most of my time in classes, studying (you know, going to classes having studied the subjects in advance is essential in order to take full advantage of them) or preparing cover letters and resumes for my job search.  Actually, a lot of recruiting events are taking place here in NY these days: many US and UK law firms with offices in Asia and Europe are hosting recruiting receptions and interviews, and this is quite time-consuming. And all of us should start our own job search, by preparing resumes following the American format, and smart cover letters. Apart from that, there are also a lot events: lectures and seminars all the time (for instance, Pascal Lamy, the Director-General of the WTO, is coming to NYU next Monday)… But do not be afraid of all that frenetic: even though I am studying more than I initially expected, I have time (at least 1 day in the week) to do things I like: having a nice brunch on weekends, go to the opera (I went to watch La Bohème at the NYC Opera for $25), to the movies, go to Central Park, and buy some nice Halloween costume… I will try to keep you updated on the latest events. And if you have any questions about the application process, let me know.



ivan2006, Dec 28, 2006 01:52

Dear Zedi, unfortunately I can´t tell you much about Fordham. Actually, I have some friends that have studied at Fordham, and they seemed very pleased with the school, but I should say that their goals could have been different than yours (most of them had no interest at all in staying in the US after the completion of the LLM). So - all I can tell you is hearsay, which is not very useful when it comes (as you correctly point out) to spend a lot of money to pursue an LLM in the US.
But I can certainly tell you where Fordham is located: its law school is on West 61st street (if I am not mistaken), on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. If you need to find some reference nearby, look for the Lincoln Center - it is side-by-side. If you studied at Fordham, I suppose you would look for an apartment in that neighborhood (which is ok) or in other neighborhoods (cheaper). I don´t know whether Fordham has a dorm for graduate students - for some reason, all my friends who studied there had to find a place on their own.
My advice would be the following: if Fordham is your favorite school, try to contact as many alumni you can (ask the admissions department for this info) and ask them what they thought about their experience and whether your expectations could be fulfilled.

zedi, Nov 20, 2006 19:42

hi cheers,
thanks for all the information in your blog.
it change my advice about NYU, it look like very interesting to do an LLM in NYU especially if you live in the village if i undertood well.
what about the other LLM like the LL.M. in Banking, Corporate and Finance Law from fordham university?or harvard law school or yale.
last year i did my application to fordham university just in time but without my TOEFLand it wasn't possible to be accepted.
fordham is near NYU?it is great to live in new york if i hope do my LLm at fordham?or is very different?
could you explain me the mains differences between fordham and NYU (especially about the quality of the life, the blocks,)
I did my master degree's in financial Law and business Law and i will be business lawyer in my country in 6 months(if i pass my bar examination next april)

do you think it is intereting for me to spend lot of money to do my LLM in US?all the business in my country is in english and i need to improve my english.

ivan2006, Nov 16, 2006 18:10

Hi Hafiz and windflower, I have already replied to you via P.M. Cheers, Ivan

windflower, Nov 03, 2006 06:37

Hi Ivan,

I'm very impressed with your passion to life and study, as well as your time management ability. Reading your blog is enjoyable and stimulating. Looking forward to your updating!

Jaan222, Oct 28, 2006 18:21

Hi ivan2006 tahnk u for ur all update information i m also gonna apply this year but to GT and Cornell i m a last year student, is it possible on this stage to be accepted ? i got 98 on toefl ibt is it good score?
thank u for ur time

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