First week at UCL- Registration, inductions bla bla bla

By PUCCA in UCL LLM 2009/2010 experience. Right from the beginning until graduation! on Oct 10, 2009

Ok friends lottttts to do this first week!

Registration with university. Go early so dont you end up like me in a long line for almost 2 hours! That same day you get your student id card and your user id and password so you can use the computers, access moodle, portico and use the internet from your hall in case you live in one.

Yes i guess you are like,,moodle,,portico,,what is that? well moodle is a little and very fun place where you can find many details about the courses you choose, such as venue, time, the teachers, THE READING LIST :((

 OHHH THE READING LIST ITS HUGE FOR EVERY COURSE! Thanks Gods you can only take 180 credits that means four subjects if you choose 45 credit courses. But dont worry we can handle it,,other people did why wouldnt you ??

Just do the reading before every class and youll be fine really,,,its a lot but im sure you can all do it. its very well organized believe me so you can see exactly what you are expected to read for the first class, the second class etc.  Most books are on the library but i recommend you to buy the books the professors says are important,,its always better to have your own thing,,,like i said thats only my opinion. the rest of the articles and reading will be posted on moodle and teachers usually give a link or a pdf documents so they help you find the documents they ask you to read,,,some other times just go to the library or access it online.

Oh then Portico is where you can find per example your invoces, your main contact details, your next of kin details, they also inform you here if you have to pay for something such as residence fees, course fees, bedding pack or anything else) and this is where you select the subjects you are actually going to take,,this is the real thing,,here you can only choose the subjects you are going to take for sure,,on moodle you can select the courses as well but they are not recorded as formal registration,,on portico yes,,,so be sure about what you decide,,,,more info will be given to you by the graduate tutor and also on handbooks and leaflets you will have to read so you dont miss anything,,there are deadlines so make sure you do things on time. Feel free to ask your classmates or people from staff if you are not sure,,they are willing to help you at all times.

MM what else,,on Tuesday 29 September 09 i registered at the faculty of law,,only took one minute and they have my student pack with timetables, induction dates etc etc etc

this first week its only for you to learn more about ucl services, go to inductions in the subjects you might be interested on taking (this week we have no formal lectures,,its like a taster of some of the subjects you can take so you decide if you like the sound of it, the teacher etc and then make your decision).

there is a lot of info to process, so take your time, organize yourself and breath!

Oh and the classmates are simply great,,,the ones ive met so far are very very nice, very intelligent of course and i must admit that at the beginning i was feeling a little bit shy but then i was likee no no i have to talk more to people so i can make some friends and enjoy my stay here. People are nice so dont be shy ir scared,,,,you are all in the same boat!

So well thats its for the first week,,,second week now!


lawaspiran..., Jun 25, 2011 20:17

Im planning to apply for the Intl Law course at UCL. Could you pls pls temme what the job prospects are after it? Im from India and fresh out of Law School. I hoped that an LLm in PIL would help with a job in the UN. Is that feasible or too ambitious?

Any advice would help a lot!
thanks :)

PUCCA, Oct 16, 2009 02:05

thanks a lot stephan for your advise,,i will sure do that!!!!! i wish you the best in your career :)

stephan, Oct 15, 2009 11:56

Good to see someone from UCL blogging so much this year, after my output last year was rather - ahem - restricted. Don't be overwhelmed by the reading lists. It's impossible to read everything. Focus on the recommended reading (sometimes even that is too much) and try to make notes/summaries already now, because you will hit yourself for not doing it later in the exam period. All the best.

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