Texas A&M Law Unveils Specialized LL.M. Program for Lawyers in Developing Countries

The institution has launched a new program aimed at lawyers in developing countries who wish to specialize in international intellectual property law.

Having already had experience with international programs in India, Texas A&M School of Law has recently built upon this to create a new LL.M. program for developing countries which allows lawyers from anywhere in the world to participate online, aiming to provide them with high quality education that would be otherwise hard to access.

A&M’s dean, Robert B. Ahdieh, pointed that “it took us a long time to conceptualize this unique program. This will be the first international LL.M. program launched by a U.S. law school specifically for lawyers in developing countries who are interested in an international career.” This opportunity, he says, will be extended to a group of 50 international students at the start of this program.

Professor Srividhya Ragavan, who is leading the project, said that talented students from developing countries "often struggle to access high quality international legal education”, often due to the high costs. The program aims to address this issue and provide the students with a valuable opportunity. Indian legal edtech startup Lawsikho will have an impactful role, providing support of all sorts while working along Texas A&M Law.

The program is set to begin with online classes by August, 2022. Find out more about it here: https://law.tamu.edu/llm-mls-programs/llm-programs/international-ip-rights


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