Deadlines for programs at 30 law schools in the United Kingdom & Ireland

Below is a short list of application deadlines for full-time, taught LL.M. programs in the United Kingdom or Ireland beginning in Fall 2012. The 25 law schools listed below were chosen based on the most-viewed UK/Ireland university profiles on LLM GUIDE.

Oxford - January 20

King's (KCL) - March 31

Queen Mary (QMUL) - April 16

University of London International Programmes - No official deadline

Edinburgh - July 31

Cambridge - December 2

UCL - June 1

LSE - No official deadline

Kent - No official deadline

Aberdeen - July 1

University of Glasgow - July 23 (non-EU) or August 27 (UK/EU)

Essex - No official deadline; before July 1 encouraged

Strathclyde - June 12 - mid-August (varies by program and applicant)

Dundee - June 30 (2011 deadline); CEPMLP programs: March 31

Manchester - End of July (overseas applicants) or end of August (UK/EU)

Reading - June 1 (recommended for overseas applicants) or August 1 (for UK/EU)

Nottingham - May 31

Nottingham Trent - Not specified

Trinity College Dublin - April 1

City University London - Not specified

Warwick - Not specified

Liverpool - No official deadline; strongly encouraged before end of June

Swansea - July 31

SOAS - June 30

Southampton - No official deadline

Please note that deadlines sometimes change and often vary due to the variety of postgraduate programs being offered. All prospective students are advised to double-check with law schools as soon as possible before applying.

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