Hi there, I am an LLM graduate. I took the 2017 July New York bar right after graduation. I used prep materials from one of those big bar review courses. They did provide a lot of materials except for concise n straight-to-the-point notes. Their outlines are long and difficult to read. Their lecture notes do not include all the things you need to know to pass the exam. I was confused and overwhelmed by those bar review materials and unfortunately failed the bar exam in July 2017. I realised that it is important to practise the questions but it is even more important to familiarise yourself with the law first and in the end memorise the law in a systematic way especially when we LLMs did not study US law for 3 years as the JDs do. I then made my own notes. I memorised all I needed to know for the MBE from with those notes. I then passed 2018 February New York bar exam.

My own notes are straight to the point without nonsense at all, unlike those bar review materials. They include EVERYTHING you need to pass the bar exam. The notes are clear. The contents are easy to understand and memorise. PM me or leave a comment down below if you are interested in buying those notes.