Hello friends. Please, anyone who has information, guide me to know what the best choice is for me. I have an LLB degree from Iran with a civil law legal system, which took four years to complete. I also have an LLM degree in international law, which took two and a half years. Due to the poor economic conditions in Iran, we cannot bring a lot of currency out of the country because the tuition fees for two semesters at the law school are equivalent to our entire life expenses in this country. I would like to practice law in the United States, but I don't know which state is the best for me.
Also, I want to know if, based on your experiences, I can pursue a four-year doctoral program in law that provides funding and covers my living and educational expenses, and then proceed to take the bar exam. Is this a good idea? And according to this plan, which states can I participate in? Can I study in one state and take the bar exam in another state? Is it even possible to skip entering any university and directly take the bar exam?
I kindly request your guidance, my friends.