Call me selfish or else, but I am essentially looking for the easiest LL.M programme in Europe. It does not matter where the teaching institution is based (Eastern Europe would be absolutely fine), as long as the institute (be it a university, polytechnic, college or private education provider) is accredited and their degrees are legal. I am not looking to practice law, but am merely looking to give my CV a legal profile and to of course gain the LL.M title! I have the required level of insight to realise that doing a traditional LL.M on the side will be a rather rough experience and not for me.

The following would be nice:
* Low academic standards
* Focus on International Commercial and/or Administrative Law
* No residence requirements
* Coursework assessments
* No dissertation (or a short portfolio paper)
* High pass rate
* Accept non-law degree

Anyone? Happy to receive PMs!