Hi all

I am a lawyer admitted to the bar in a civil law jurisdiction. In addition, I have recently attended the QLTS OSCE in London which is a route (bar exam) enabling admitted lawyers in a foreign jurisdiction to become a Solicitor in England and Wales. I do not have any LLM. I am considering to attend also a bar exam in the US. The NY bar exam and the California bar exam are interesting to me but I would by far prefer to do the NY bar exam.

From online sources it seems however that I am not eligible to attend the NY bar exam even if I am admitted by the SRA in England as solicitor and, therefore, have full knowledge of common law. On the other hand, the California bar exam should not be an issue as I am admitted in my home country and will (hopefully assuming that I will pass the QLTS OSCE) be admitted in England and Wales as solicitor.

Is this correct and in particular does anyone know if there is any chance to do the NY bar exam (as solicitor but without any LLM/LLB)?