These are the 4 unis which i am considering upon graduation at QUT. Should i stay on or move?The reason why i want to pursue a LLM - due to the high demand in specialisation. Also I feel that I am the type of person who will not go back to University once I start working

I am currently undertaking a double degree course - LLB and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and would be completing soon. The problem is that i am crash-coursing and hope to finish my final semester during Summer. I have either the pleasure of enrolling early so that i can slot my 1st semester LLM right into schedule and need not wait till the July intake.

A couple of things to point out :
1) i intend to go back to Malaysia to practice .
2) I am not sure as to the ranks of Unis. ( based of QS 2012 , Melb U is ranked top 8 in the world followed by U Syd, etc etc )