Seventh week at UCL - Finally its time to submit my research proposal

By PUCCA in UCL LLM 2009/2010 experience. Right from the beginning until graduation! on Nov 19, 2009

Well everything its still good since last time i wrote which was in week 2.

 Not much to say apart from doing a lot of reading (believe me the reading lists are insane) and going to class. I must say i havent been out much but because my fellow llm classmates dont plan activities cause they do but because i have been sick ever since i got here. I had travelled and stayed in cold countries before for a long time but now im older (26 years old hehe) and apparently it takes longer for me to get used to this cold weather (cold weatherm plus rain plus strong wind is a terrible combination here in London).  And well my nose has been clogged for almost a month and a half and the only time its not clogged is when i use a very strong nasal spray that usually makes me feel quite sick because i overdose all the time because i get desperated because i want to breath through my nose specially at night cause otherwise when i wake up my throat is so dry and hurt due to all the air that comes through my open mouth during the night and believe the pain is unbearable. Apart from that ive been having headaches and i totally don like that.  So the end of the story is that i have to undergo a special procedure when i go back to my country that will help me with this problem (apparently is an injection on my nose or something like that im sure i will totally hate but its better than feeling the way i feel right now)

but well enough with my health problems u are not interested in that!!! but i do encourage you to register with he doctor as soon as you get to London because like me i needed to see the doctor almost the second week i got here and it could happen to you too (I REALLY HOPE IT DOESNT) but you never know,,so its better so be safe and register on time in case u get sick.

On 20 November we all have to submit our research proposal (maximum 250 words) and well i finished that already and im going to submit it tomorrow to my professor by email which is what they asked us to do. Next week im going to join this professor which will be my supervisor to discuss a little bit more about my dissertation and i guess he will give me some feedback and provide comments on my research proposal,,lets see how that goes

 we have to submit our final dissertation topic on 11 December and classes finish on 18 December. After that im going back to my country for the holidays  :) ad then coming back to London around 6 January.

I will write again in December when my dissertation topic has been approved or maybe earlier if there is something interesting to let yo know  :)


PUCCA, Mar 15, 2010 00:37

12,000 words,,im struggling with that!!!

michaelcor..., Nov 19, 2009 08:40

gosh, that sounds bad. i hope you feel better soon! good luck with your thesis proposal! how long does your thesis have to be?

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