I'm a LLB law graduate from Pakistan. I came across a 2 year JD program offered by Suny Buffalo and they dont require a LSAT. I hope that I'll be able to get a partial fee waiver too. JD is a well respected qualification in my country and can significantly improve my career prospects. Some queries I have in this context are:

I consider my LLB to be not good enough as it has focused primarily on statutory redings and not enough doctrines etc of common law or vocational training. Is a JD any different? Would it help me "think like a lawyer"

I've read that SUNY buffalo ranks very low in US rankings. Universities in my country aren't ranked per se and even if they are the ranking doesn't matter since most of them provide substandard education barring a few. So How does the ranking thingy work for the US univs? Does low ranking mean low quality education or is it just a bureaucratic thing? Are the JD produced by let's say Harvard or any other institution ranked at top better than those produced by a low ranking uni like SUNY buffalo.

Secondly, How hard would be the NY Bar exam after the 2 years JD course from SUNY buffalo for a Pakistani law graduate who secured a GPA of 3.85/4.0 ?

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