Hello people,

I am planning to pursue a legal career in the UK and going to take a LLM degree in there.

So far, all of my applications were for International Commercial Law. However I also started to grow interest to Media & Entertainment Law, (film and music related works especially)

I know both of those areas are completely different but I don't want to make a mistake about my area of specilazation. Media & Entertainment Law seems more charming and diverse, but International Commercial Law seems more applicable around the world.

On the other hand, I am a Turkish lawyer, so there is a possibility of not being qualified in the UK and return home. Turkish law firms already work on Intellectual Property Law but I am not sure how much they are bonded with international regulations.

So, I would like to ask you that is Media & Entertainment Law as applicable as International Commercial Law on other countries or they are just teaching British regulations about that area? Or can I work on Media & Entertainment area even if I get a degree from International Commercial Law programmes? And finally, which schools are the best about Media & Entertainment Law?

Kind Regards,