Hi everyone. I am a currently the 4th grade student in Faculty of Law at Istanbul University. I hope I will pass my all final exams in June so I will be able to get my graduation certificate in July. On the other hand, If I might not be able to pass my all final exams in June, I might be able to wait for the make-up exams in August. In this situation, I will have obtained my graduation certificate in September or October. I want to apply for the LLM in UK but I wonder it is possible to apply for it before getting graduation certificate. Can I apply for now or in March?

The GPA is the other issue that I wonder. Most university in UK wants at least 3.0 GPA for LLM. I have 2.48 GPA for now. I can graduate with 2.5-2.7 but not with 3.0. Can this situation be a problem for applying? Is GPA affected by the success, difficulty and quality in education of the universities? Actuall, my current university and also my faculty are one of the most difficult and successful ones in Turkey. Istanbul University is the oldest and the best one in Turkey, so its quality and education are very good. I am very eager and hopeful to apply for LLM though this situation. As you know I have to pay application fee. If they can not allow me to apply because of GPA, can you give any information about it so I don' t have to pay the application fee.