Hello, i am a law student one year removed from graduation at a foreign jurisdiction recognized by the SRA, i have plans to move to London and take the necessary steps to qualify as a solicitor there, i see two possible routes: 1. Do the QLTS, then the LPC and finally the apprenticeship. 2. Do a GDL, the LPC and finally again the apprenticeship.
Since i'm still studying law i have to take into consideration the time my school will take to send all required documents to the UK and all the paperwork to prove that im an accredited lawyer plus i have to study a few months and take the test all of which makes me think it is a better alternative to take the GDL since it would help me get acquainted with the English legal system, my only concern is the reputation of the GDL i have questions as to how high it is regarded compared to an LLB, is it seen as an easier route or as route that doesn't lead to the success an LLB might? if so is it better to do a graduate LLB in law that takes an extra year taking into account that that year could be otherwise used as a year i could do an LLM in?
I hope any of the English lawyers out here can help me regarding the reputation of the GDL and all of the questions i asked.
Kind Regards