Thank you for taking time!

I'm doing LLB in a common law jursidication, university rank 50+ by QS (70+ at law) and 150+ by THE (30+ at law). For reference, Helsinki ranks 104 by QS (101-150 at law) and 98 by THE (83 at law) so my home uni should be good enough. 

Problom is my personal background is rather mediocre that I would probably graduate with a 3/4.3 (boarderline of 2:1) and the only working experience is a 1.5-month internship in a local firm which will definitely further weaken my case since I know a lot of llm applicants have been working for years.

Not shame to say but my family could afford llm so there's no financial concern and I'm not applying for scholarship for sure.

So, do I still stand a chance to get into helsinki or is there any english-taught, europe-located llm recommendation in my case?

Any ideas will be appreciated!

(In case it concerns you, I have to get into llm after llb programme for personal reason:))

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