Hello everyone :)

I am writing this post to ask for your help and your personal experience! Maybe some of you have been accepted and could tell me a bit more of the criteria. Maybe you could help me understand what are my chances of getting accepted into these programs.
I am planning to apply for masters in International and European Union Law.

I am from Portugal, Lisbon and finishing my last semester in Law, graduating this summer. Unfortunately, my average is not how I expected it to be, it is a 13/20, maybe I can still get it to 14. In Portugal, in Law schools, reaching grades higher than 16 on exams is almost impossible.
I am extremely passionate about International and Eu Law, it is what I want to do with all certainty for my life and my career, and being able to study abroad a Masters in these areas is my dream!
Even though my average is not high I am involved in the OneHourForEurope Lisbon association, in the legal department. We are an association that focuses on educating young people about the EU and spreading knowledge, I have helped organize numerous events and participated in conferences etc.

I am also part of BETA Poland, we organize "Model European Union" international events, where students can simulate the legislative process of the EU during a couple of days. I am part of the "Content team" for the MEU Warsaw 2021 to come, I will research EU legislation and create and regulate all the legislative matters for the event along with the rest of the content team.

Regarding languages, I have reached a level (C2) in English and now I am learning French as it is very important for International Law and I am also passionate about it, currently in level A2.

In my free time, I surf in Lisbon and I am also passionate about film photography and self-taught.

Unfortunately, I have not managed to do any internship as the Covid situation hit last year and this year so, in my last two years of bachelor, this was a major drawback for me and also one of the reasons I am worried about not being admitted for lack of experience.

Thank you soooo much in advance!