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The School of Law, TCD is Ireland’s oldest and most internationally renowned Law School. Our expert professors attract students of the highest calibre around the world. We offer an enormous range of modules in our 4 LL.M. degrees, from human rights law to commercial law (and every area in between), ensuring all student interests are catered. Our European and International focus provides graduates with a competitive edge globally. Our aim is to have a cohort of students that is academically excel...

Full-Time: LL.M. Masters in Laws, LL.M. International and Comparative Law, LL.M. International and European Business Law, LL.M. Intellectual Property a... more

By Research: MLitt / PhD more

NYU vs Georgetown
Mar 09, 2018  5350  nbcjr
Dual LLM QMUL/SMU in International Commercial Law
Nov 14, 2017  276  ana11
LLM International Tax Law at Vienna or Leiden?
Jul 20, 2017  2371  MMR89
Best US LLM for Asian Lawyer
Aug 19, 2016  300  chicken so...
IP: WUSTL vs UW vs Cardozo
Jun 23, 2016  356  LawBizGal
UCLA, Vanderbilt or AU?
Mar 23, 2012  832  londontom
Mar 09, 2012  442  Ivy1028
LL.M. in IP - Copyright, Art Law, Entertainment Law, Tradema...
Jun 09, 2011  3095  Mr.nishant
BU, Cornell OR LSE Need advice.
May 17, 2011  902  freejk00
LLM IPR- BEnjamin Cardozo School of LAw OR Franklin Pierce L...
Mar 15, 2011  498  rkv
LL.M. in Taxation
Aug 06, 2010  789  Augusto
Birmingham, Warwick or Nottingham
Jul 03, 2009  734  Churchill
Health Law LLM
Jul 03, 2009  559  crichins
Jun 18, 2009  546  chemneo
Feb 12, 2009  160  horangao
BC Vs Fordham
Jan 23, 2009  154  maajang
L.L.M - corporate finance - best school?
Nov 23, 2008  5696  ekchi
Any chance?
Sep 19, 2008  527  yaiza242
U Washington or U Miami?
Jul 30, 2008  311  NJtaxatt
Cornell or UTexas
Apr 05, 2008  582  richardvf
Columbia vs NYU vs UPENN vs UVA
Mar 29, 2006  931  tmalmine
which school should I choose
Feb 12, 2006  875  Semih
JSD/SJD program
May 17, 2005  1522  Flo

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