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Berkeley, California 985 Followers 522 Discussions
Berkeley Law Berkeley Law is one of the top law schools in the U.S. Berkeley Law offers four program options to earn the LL.M. degree: the traditional track, a 9-month academic year program; the hybrid option, one in-residence summer term bookended by 2 terms of online study (spring and fall terms); the professional track, in which students complete their degree over 2 consecutive in-residence summer terms; and the thesis track, a 9-month academic year program that includes a thesis.

Full-Time: LL.M. Traditional Track, LL.M. Professional Track, LL.M. Hybrid Option, LL.M. Thesis Track, J.S.D. more…

Distance Learning: LL.M. Hybrid Option more…

Toronto, Canada 151 Followers 117 Discussions
UofT The University of Toronto Faculty of Law offers one of the world's outstanding legal educations. To be a student at our prestigious law school is to join a lively intellectual community of the finest law teachers and scholars. Our graduate programs inspire students to think broadly and deeply about the law, prepare them to excel in the fields of their choice, and provide them with competitive opportunities that only a top-ranked school can offer.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Business Law, LL.M. in Criminal Law, LL.M. in Legal Theory, LL.M. in Health Law, Ethics and Policy, Global Professional LL.M. in Bu... more…

Miami, Florida 124 Followers 94 Discussions
Miami Law With 150 LL.M. students from more than 33 countries in our programs on average each year, University of Miami is at the forefront in training legal professionals. Students can take a General LL.M. or specialize in International Arbitration, Tax, Real Estate, Entertainment & Sports, while having the opportunity to earn a J.D. + LL.M. program and/or take a U.S. Bar Exam, including New York. More than 17,000 University of Miami law alumni practice in the U.S. and in nearly ninety countries.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law, LL.M. in Estate Planning, LL.M. in International Arbitration, LL.M. in International Law: Gener... more…

Distance Learning: LL.M. in Real Estate / Property Development, LL.M. in Taxation of Cross-Border Investment more…

New York City, New York 119 Followers 118 Discussions
Yeshiva - Cardozo School of Law Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, located in New York City's Greenwich Village, offers four distinct LL.M. degrees for students who have already received their first law degree from an institution in a country outside the United States or from an ABA-approved law school. The Intellectual Property LL.M. is the capstone of Cardozo's renowned IP program, which is recognized as one of the five strongest in the United States. The General Studies LL.M. program is distinctive in its flexibility and br...

Full-Time: General Studies LL.M., Comparative Legal Thought LL.M., Dispute Resolution and Advocacy LL.M., Intellectual Property Law LL.M. more…

Boston, Massachusetts 22 Followers 12 Discussions
Northeastern Law At Northeastern University School of Law, the LLM program offers law graduates from around the world the opportunity to study at the top experiential law school in the US. This hands-on program is unique: students have the opportunity for a full-time legal practice experience (co-op) as an integral part of the academic curriculum. Northeastern offers a General LLM and specializations in Health Policy, Human Rights, International Business, Intellectual Property, and Law & Economic Development...

Full-Time: General LL.M. Program, LL.M. in Health Policy and Law, LL.M. in Human Rights, LL.M. in International Business Law, LL.M. in Intelectual Prop... more…

Part-Time: Executive LL.M. more…

Dual Degree: Business Administration LL.M. / MBA, LL.M. / MA in Sustainable International Development more…

Baltimore, Maryland 36 Followers 20 Discussions
Maryland - Carey Consider Maryland Carey Law’s LLM specializations in business law, cybersecurity law, health law, environmental law, intellectual property law, and other areas. The law school is part of the University's Graduate Campus in Baltimore, Maryland, with easy access to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Business Law, LL.M. in Clinical Law, LL.M. in Constitutional Law, LL.M. in Crisis Management, LL.M. in Cybersecurity, LL.M. in Envi... more…

Part-Time: Master of Science in Law – Environmental Law, Master of Science in Law – Health Law, Master of Science in Law – Patent Law more…

Nijmegen, Netherlands 33 Followers 16 Discussions
Radboud Located on a green campus in the oldest city in the Netherlands, Radboud University is a welcoming, forward-looking, research-based center of learning that covers the full range of academic disciplines.The Faculty of Law has a long standing reputation of excellence as is demonstrated by the national and international rankings. The Law Faculty has an extensive experience of teaching in English and in catering for foreign students. International Law students are also offered guaranteed housing.

Full-Time: LL.M. in European Law, LL.M. in European Law: Business Law, LL.M. in European Law: European Law and Global Affairs, LL.M. in European Law: H... more…

Syracuse, New York 4 Followers 2 Discussions
Syracuse Law Our Master of Laws (LL.M.) program offers foreign legal professionals the opportunity to broaden their professional goals through the study of U.S. laws and the American legal process. Students in the LL.M. program may enroll in either the fall or the spring semester, and will complete their program over the course of one academic year. 

Full-Time: LL.M. in American Law more…

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