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Houston, Texas 52 Followers 62 Discussions
Houston Law Center (UHLC) With more than 200 courses, UH Law Center’s curriculum is one of the most extensive of LL.M. programs in the U.S. Located in Houston, students will study in the nation’s fourth-largest city, which is also a global leader in healthcare, energy, international business and other disciplines. We offer six distinct programs that allow students to select a program that supports their professional and personal goals.

Full-Time: LL.M. in U.S Law, Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law LL.M., Health Law LL.M., Intellectual Property & Information Law LL.M., Int... more…

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Energy Law

Many governments and other bodies around the world play regulatory roles around energy, resulting in a complex patchwork of laws covering everything from coal extraction to pumping gas into a car. And increasingly, energy production intersects with laws governing environmental protection. With an LL.M. in energy law, students can come to terms with the various aspects of the energy field, and get caught up on recent regulatory shifts, economic changes, and the related forces that are continuously affecting the industry. Some LL.M. programs in energy also look at emerging trends in the field, such as the regulations covering the production of clean energy or changes in land use policies. An LL.M. in energy can help lead to careers in the public sector, in private law firms whose practices focus on the energy space, or NGOs and other international organizations.

Health/Medical Law

The healthcare field and related industries are huge: globally, at least two trillion dollars are spent each year on healthcare, according to some estimates. The sheer size of the field means that it’s governed by a complex set of laws, protecting patients, doctors, patents on medical devices, and more. The scope also means that LL.M. programs in Health Law and Medical Law can cover a huge array of topics, from contracts to bioethics. Grads who have LL.M.s in Health Law might go on to a variety of different careers, for healthcare providers, medical insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, and more.

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