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Lyon, France 64 Followers 9 Discussions
Catholic University of Lyon Lyon Catholic University (UCLy - France) offers two LL.M. taught in English and opened to law graduates. Students will gain legal knowledge and develop their practical skills. Both progams offers two tracks in partnership with St John’s University New York (USA), City University London (UK) and Maynooth University (Ireland). The M.I.B.L. covers areas of international business law. The LL.M. covers European, International trade and international investments.

Full-Time: LL.M. in International Business Law, LL.M. in European and International Trade and Investment Law more…

Sydney, Australia 143 Followers 106 Discussions
Sydney Sydney Law School at the University of Sydney is Australia's First, with a reputation built on 150 years of history. As a consequence, it has had a tremendous impact on the Australian judiciary, politics and business. The Sydney Law School's Master of Laws (LLM) program is one of the most reputable law coursework programs in Australia. Candidates may choose from the entire range of approximately 160 units on offer in our postgraduate area each year.

Full-Time: LL.M. more…

By Research: Postgraduate Research Programs more…

Dresden, Germany 27 Followers 5 Discussions
Dresden University of Technology The LL.M. (1 year postgraduate course leading to a Master of Laws [LL.M] degree) is offered by the Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Media Law at the Law School/ Technische Universität Dresden. The students spend the summer term in Dresden and the winter term at one of our Partner Universities (Cracow/Exeter/London/Prag/Seattle/Strassbourg/Szeged). The programme provides German law students with the opportunity to qualify as a Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz.

Full-Time: LL.M. International Studies in Intellectual Property Law, Wirtschaftsrecht - (LL.M. in Business Law) more…

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Air Ticket - Staying beyond 12 months
May 18, 2018  187  llmcandida...
LLM January intake in London
May 17, 2018  223  Ruana95
seeking for a university which offers to do the UOL llm prog...
Apr 26, 2018  116  Shagorika ...
LLM in London or USA?
Apr 19, 2018  267  SabrinaLLM
Working in the UK after a US LLM
Jul 20, 2017  141  hore2
LLM vs MA Human Rights
Jul 01, 2017  550  Luq_Ali
U.S. Bachelors + UK GDL - LLM in the US?
Apr 26, 2017  2974  Aftershock...
Cambidge LLM or Training Contract?
Mar 23, 2017  1273  citoyen99
LLM in Paris by QMUL and Kings college
Mar 14, 2017  484  oneuponthe...
Study and work LLM
Feb 27, 2017  109  Pat O Lazz
Warwick vs Leeds vs Bristol
Dec 01, 2016  376  Shahriar
Bar Exam UK
Aug 02, 2016  398  ChrSto
Jun 03, 2016  161  parislondo...
Apr 04, 2016  12635  Lebedewk
LLM Commercial Law Double Degree QMUL in Singapore and Londo...
Mar 23, 2016  98  Lur
Mar 08, 2016  1006  jsd
King's or Leiden?
Feb 11, 2016  1202  fazal12
Leiden/ QMUL/ Edinburgh :International Commercial Law
Jan 13, 2016  135  fazal12
Leiden/ QMUL/ Edinburgh :International Commercial Law
Jan 13, 2016  71  fazal12
Leiden/ QMUL/ Edinburgh :International Commercial Law
Jan 13, 2016  122  fazal12
Business/Competition law: London, Berlin, Leiden or Tilburg?
Dec 11, 2015  671  JJA1985
LLM in UK after changes in immigration laws !!
Nov 02, 2015  1034  kayshawn
Practicing in Canada
Oct 17, 2015  5676  jpcp
LLM from lower tier school
Aug 02, 2015  382  Wheretogo_
What's the Best LLM in London?
Aug 01, 2015  1419  lucascarna...
LLM in Maritime Law and P&I Clubs???
Apr 29, 2015  709  ftakd
LL.M in Tax Law @ Queen Mary, Uni of London
Apr 10, 2015  249  law-law
Help please
Feb 26, 2015  706  anja
Sep 24, 2014  98  anou
UCL/LSE LLM Application
Sep 05, 2014  429  nywllm
Apr 03, 2014  553  onneur
Queen Mary
Mar 27, 2014  267  RICCARDORI...
LLM from UK: What can I do with it in Canada?
Jan 08, 2014  914  Christophe...
2.2 LLB Help
Oct 15, 2013  502  edmundc
LLB or LLM for non-law graduate?
Aug 22, 2013  217  Iryna
LLB or LLM for non-law PhD?
Aug 22, 2013  64  lawwannabe...
LLM in IP or IP course to become Patent attorney?
Aug 07, 2013  79  upupandawa...
LLM at UCL or MSc at LSE?
Jul 31, 2013  360  TANKH1
Which University?
Jun 27, 2013  395  Brainy Smu...
Mar 15, 2013  2154  gass-
Pre-requisite LLM programs in London
Dec 29, 2012  250  Brainy Smu...
LSAC Score Conversion: 2.1. Honours = "Above Average"
Dec 11, 2012  4287  nuclearpap...
Options for LLM with Political Science Undergrad
Oct 10, 2012  52  crispinhm
Aug 19, 2012  50  wally
LLM Edinburgh or QMUL?
Jul 12, 2012  632  ck980
Job Prospects in London after US LL.M. and NY Bar Exam
May 16, 2012  682  lloydy
Cambridge Residence Requirements
May 08, 2012  339  somehowban...
LLM Corporate Law
Apr 10, 2012  2379  pfjunior
In which field i should do l.l.m?
Apr 01, 2012  2815  Wheretogo_

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