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Rotterdam, Netherlands 152 Followers 79 Discussions
Erasmus Obtaining a LL.M at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is the perfect boost for your career. According to several global employability surveys Erasmus University Rotterdam delivers alumni that are highly employable. Our LLM programmes provide you with the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge necessary to operate in and to understand the global environment in which law is functioning nowadays. In addition to the regular courses many fieldtrips are organised to law firms, international c...

Full-Time: LL.M. Commercial and Company Law, LL.M. European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE), LL.M. International Trade Law, LL.M. International and... more…

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Madrid, Spain 79 Followers 28 Discussions
IE Law School Founded in 1973 by a group of entrepreneurs, IE has quickly earned itself a reputation for innovation and academic excellence. IE's unique approach to business education powered by its focus on the entrepreneurial spirit, a close approach to technology and its dedication to the corporate world at large, have turned IE into a recognized and international center of education.

Full-Time: LL.M. in International Business Law, Master in Global Taxation (LL.M./MSL ), Master in Global Corporate Compliance (LL.M./MSL) more…

Part-Time: Master in Legal Tech, Executive LL.M. Program more…

Frankfurt am Main, Germany 153 Followers 96 Discussions
ILF The ILF offers one of the few programs in Europe with a truly international, rather than national or EU focus, for study of law and finance. All teaching is in English. The interdisciplinary curriculum combines lectures and seminars in law, business and economics. The ILF is based on an effective public-private partnership concept, with active participation of leading international law practitioners, finance and banking specialists as well as officials of the ECB, German Bundesbank and other bod...

Full-Time: LL.M. in Finance, LL.M. in International Finance more…

Charlottesville, Virginia 178 Followers 194 Discussions
Virginia (UVA) Law Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University of Virginia School of Law is consistently ranked among the top-10 law schools in the U.S. Virginia's LL.M. program provides an American legal education to lawyers who have obtained their first law degree in their home countries. Through a highly selective program of fewer than 50 students, the Law School's LL.M. candidates take classes alongside J.D. students, allowing participants to fully engage in the community and plan their own courses.

Full-Time: General LL.M. more…

Atlanta, Georgia 59 Followers 39 Discussions
Emory Law Emory Law's LLM program offers graduates of U.S. and foreign law schools the opportunity to pursue the master of laws from one of the top nationally ranked law schools in the United States. LLM students may choose from among three broad tracks: a traditional LLM designed around a student's particular interests and expertise and drawing from the breadth of Emory's curriculum; an LLM in one of six formal concentrations: or a joint LLM with Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

Full-Time: General LL.M., LL.M. with Central European University, Juris Master more…

Distance Learning: Online LL.M. more…

Lisboa, Portugal 46 Followers 24 Discussions
Católica Global School of Law The School of Law at Portuguese Catholic University (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) in Lisbon is a leading law school. As part of its international strategy, Católica Global School of Law was launched in 2009: an international centre of teaching and research, bringing together global faculty, global students and global environment and staff.

Full-Time: LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context, LL.M. in International Business Law more…

Dual Degree: Double LL.M. Degrees more…

Mannheim, Germany 29 Followers 3 Discussions
Mannheim The joint Master’s degree program “Master of Comparative Business Law - M.C.B.L. (Mannheim / Adelaide)” is a one-year program at Master's level. The program is offered in full-time with daytime classes. The first semester (from September to December) takes place in Mannheim and the second semester (from February to June) in Adelaide. Students who have obtained their undergraduate degree outside of Germany are also eligible to study the entire program in Mannheim.

Full-Time: Master of Comparative Business Law (MCBL), Master of Laws (LL.M.), Wettbewerbs und Regulierungsrecht (LL.M.) more…

Dresden, Germany 27 Followers 5 Discussions
Dresden University of Technology The LL.M. (1 year postgraduate course leading to a Master of Laws [LL.M] degree) is offered by the Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Media Law at the Law School/ Technische Universität Dresden. The students spend the summer term in Dresden and the winter term at one of our Partner Universities (Cracow/Exeter/London/Prag/Seattle/Strassbourg/Szeged). The programme provides German law students with the opportunity to qualify as a Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz.

Full-Time: LL.M. International Studies in Intellectual Property Law, Wirtschaftsrecht - (LL.M. in Business Law) more…

LLM without letter of recommendation
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References - General or Specific(UK)
Sep 18, 2017  77  LegalLife
UNICRI Transnational Crime and Justice
Sep 12, 2017  333  Daniyarovv...
Refrence Letter/ Recommendation Letter/ LOR
Aug 01, 2017  123  farazabbas
how to choose referees for recommendation letter?
Jul 26, 2017  342  LegalLife
Letter of Recommendation by a professor
Mar 01, 2017  557  Xea
deferral request rejected
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Letter of recommendation
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Letter of recommendation
May 25, 2015  1084  Joy Hopefu...
Harvard LLM 2015-2016
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Harvard LLM 2015-16 uploading LOR online
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Profile like this...what are the chances? get into T14...
Sep 03, 2014  549  Stagista11
UPenn specific recommendation forms
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Question about recommendation letters
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May 30, 2013  983  Sarguy
Which is more important. Personal Statement or Recommendatio...
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Request form - Letter of Recommendation
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Recommendation letters
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Recommendation Letter - please help
Jan 21, 2012  458  H-olga
LSAC - timing
Dec 23, 2011  2887  fedeviola
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Letters of recomendation
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Recommendation Letters
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Recommendation Letters
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LSAC Letter of recommendation also possible for LLM?
Nov 23, 2010  575  Tallal
my chances to be admitted?
Oct 22, 2010  504  anetnur
opinion required urgent
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Can I send Recom. to U Penn in this way?
Jan 04, 2010  165  dbk
Harvard and NYU- confirmation letter sent via mail?
Nov 29, 2009  393  Nail
Question re recommendation letter
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Letter of recommendation
Jul 27, 2009  390  L&E
Letter of recommendation: Stamped and sealed
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Durham's application process
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Am I the only one not receiving the completed application e-...
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CLS Recommendation Letters
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NYU: # of recommendation letters
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Recommendation Letter
Nov 20, 2008  1430  san_24
Recommendation Letter should be sent by law professor?
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Length of Letter of Recommendation
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Contacting Harvard?
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recommendation letter before application!
Nov 27, 2007  298  mnementh
Recommendation letter - Confidential
Nov 06, 2007  326  lisa000
letter or recommendation from UK applicants
May 22, 2007  54  originalca...
LOR - Harvard
Oct 12, 2006  706  ursula

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