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Miami, Florida 124 Followers 94 Discussions
Miami Law With 150 LL.M. students from more than 33 countries in our programs on average each year, University of Miami is at the forefront in training legal professionals. Students can take a General LL.M. or specialize in International Arbitration, Tax, Real Estate, Entertainment & Sports, while having the opportunity to earn a J.D. + LL.M. program and/or take a U.S. Bar Exam, including New York. More than 17,000 University of Miami law alumni practice in the U.S. and in nearly ninety countries.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law, LL.M. in Estate Planning, LL.M. in International Arbitration, LL.M. in International Law: Gener... more…

Distance Learning: LL.M. in Real Estate / Property Development, LL.M. in Taxation of Cross-Border Investment more…

Berkeley and Georgetown students. Please advise.
Oct 06, 2016  458  grumpyJD
Tution Fees?
Nov 05, 2014  93  kittenkel
Guide please
Sep 26, 2013  28  JemimaK
UCL, Queen Mary or Edinburgh?
Mar 26, 2013  2093  Andra_Zinc...
Which LLM?
Nov 03, 2011  497  Voice.of.R...
BU (general) vs. GULC
Mar 14, 2011  562  rhino11
Competition Law and Energy/Petroleum Law
Jan 23, 2011  308  Skiia
Qmul-urgent query
Oct 04, 2010  753  Lukedf
Jul 30, 2010  80  Comandante
Need Advise
Mar 16, 2010  306  trout_face
Need advise
Feb 12, 2010  470  amt233
Looking to do Maritime Law at the University of Oslo
Apr 27, 2009  170  Pope
admissions in singapore
Nov 09, 2008  75  harinath.v...
Aug 02, 2008  375  Sean78
help im unemployed
Aug 03, 2007  215  ozman
Which school is the best?
May 12, 2006  2782  harimesser
LLM in Finance and Security or Corporate Finance
Feb 10, 2006  192  jade
LLM in Finance and Security or Corporate Finance
Feb 05, 2006  2237  colemancrm
UCL or Warwick?
May 25, 2005  61  gamayun
May 24, 2005  72  Marks

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The LL.M. in Labor and Employment Law

By Anna Blackridge on Mar 22, 2011

The LL.M. in Taxation and International Taxation

By V. Wish on Oct 20, 2008

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