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Sydney, Australia 143 Followers 106 Discussions
Sydney Sydney Law School at the University of Sydney is Australia's First, with a reputation built on 150 years of history. As a consequence, it has had a tremendous impact on the Australian judiciary, politics and business. The Sydney Law School's Master of Laws (LLM) program is one of the most reputable law coursework programs in Australia. Candidates may choose from the entire range of approximately 160 units on offer in our postgraduate area each year.

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Ghent, Belgium 67 Followers 50 Discussions
Ghent With more than 80 leading and reputable law professors, Ghent University Law School is recognised as an EU 'Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence', for its expertise and its contributions towards research, public service and policy-making. The three specialised English-language LLM programmes offered at the law school - European and International Law; International Business Law; and European Union Law - give graduates the opportunity to form significant stepping stones for their career development.

Full-Time: LL.M. in International Business Law, LL.M. in European and International Law, LL.M. in European Union Law, European Master in Law and Econom... more…

Cambridge, United Kingdom 7 Followers 2 Discussions
You’ve worked hard to get here, and now you want to go even further. Our postgraduate law degrees will give you the skills you need to specialise in forward-thinking and progressive areas of legal practice. You’ll also be able to start building up experience in our Law Clinic, which offers free, face-to-face legal advice to the local community. Explore our courses here.

Full-Time: International Business Law LL.M., International Commercial Law LL.M., Digital Economy LL.M., International Law LL.M. more…

Carrying your passport around
Aug 02, 2018  267  Wavshrdr
LLM UCL Louvain,ULB Bruxelles or Nijmegen Radboud.
Jul 13, 2018  348  geogeo
Human rights llm
Jun 15, 2018  99  Simmi Agni...
Boston vs Northwestern LLM
May 10, 2018  243  DogaUs
Need opinion on career progression (LLM or JD)
Jun 15, 2017  472  xantia
2 Year LLM now, and got admitted to Berkeley. Need ur ADVICE
Apr 04, 2017  455  LatinoLLM
KCL - rejection LLM 2017
Dec 28, 2016  887  LLM1718UK
Need advice for choosing LLM program
Nov 03, 2016  183  NapZ
UC Berkeley Profesisonal track or GW University Traditonal L...
May 02, 2016  173  froebelian...
How does the LLM allow you to qualify in AUS
Jan 17, 2016  11203  need_schol...
LLM 2015/2016
Jul 21, 2015  2581  kaverivarm...
Bank loan to pay LLM
Jun 17, 2015  377  LLM_SLS
NYU, UPENN, UVA or Georgetown for public law specialization?...
Dec 09, 2014  323  cev
UH or UT?
Aug 13, 2014  630  ESTHOM
Scholarship for University of Turin, Italy LLM IPR
Aug 03, 2014  359  Buzzbee
UH or UT?
Jun 24, 2014  111  gbengafawe
India LLB to USA LLM
Apr 27, 2014  105  rajllm
Am I eligible?
Apr 09, 2014  127  law01
US vs UK, chance to work
Jan 26, 2014  130  Lambert & ...
UK vs US, chance to work
Jan 24, 2014  101  Lambert & ...
LLM from UK: What can I do with it in Canada?
Jan 08, 2014  915  Christophe...
LLM In Environmental Law for Non-Law Graduates
Jan 02, 2014  319  chicken so...
Guide please
Sep 26, 2013  28  JemimaK
Should I pay GBP 33,000 for Oxford BCL?
Jul 10, 2013  403  Nibdllm
Mar 31, 2013  537  rosana.pla...
education 2013
Dec 10, 2012  101  idodee
University of Geneva or Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris...
Jul 11, 2012  7334  DorisBime1...
LLM Criminal Law,Criminal Justice, Criminology
Feb 11, 2012  1133  T.jurist
Jan 04, 2012  padrepio20...
Master Of Laws In Comparative Child Law
Dec 10, 2011  159  ASAD76
Need Advice for LLM
Sep 13, 2011  111  MIKA_IND
llm entry requirements
May 12, 2011  4444  priam
Fletcher or GW Law or Columbia?
Apr 11, 2011  2669  nshutchi
Applying for LL.M. without TOEFL.. Is it possible?
Dec 18, 2010  652  Fifi222
LLM or JD for a foreign lawyer that wants to practise in US
Dec 15, 2010  69  missaremu
Oct 11, 2010  2752  delmar
Will I get into london colleges with a 2.1 60% Average LLB
Oct 05, 2010  423  Wheretogo_
GWU LL.M. in Environmental Law?
Apr 27, 2010  80  Mr.nishant
Environmental Law LL.M. at GWU?
Apr 26, 2010  30  mcole1982
GWU LL.M. in Environmental Law?
Apr 26, 2010  25  mcole1982
Please Advise: GWU IP Program - No Scholarship
Apr 07, 2010  168  legalgirl
Which is best NW, UVA, UCLA, UPENN in business related matte...
Feb 03, 2010  1301  Bigua
warwick or leeds
Jun 04, 2009  217  beicon
Do I qualify for anything?
Apr 03, 2009  163  Tax112
Oxford or Cambridge.
Mar 25, 2009  550  Cedric
llm entry requirement
Sep 14, 2008  866  Gregor2009
llm entry requirements
Sep 03, 2008  94  nadirkhan
Requirements of an LLM degree; a non-qualifying law degree?
Aug 04, 2008  1939  S_Dimelow
Tax LLM: USA, UK, Europe?
Jun 01, 2008  849  Bush
LLM Tax: Europe, UK or USA?
May 25, 2008  90  MiKal

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