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Hamburg, Germany 84 Followers 50 Discussions
Hamburg - EMLE Program The European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) program offers the unique opportunity to study at two or three European universities. It provides students with advanced knowledge on the economic effects of divergent laws and prepares them for a career in public organizations or multinational law firms. Each participating university awards an LL.M. degree or a master degree which is equivalent to an LL.M. As an Erasmus+ Masters Course the EMLE is able to grant student scholarships and waivers.

Full-Time: European Master in Law and Economics (LL.M.) more

Honolulu, Hawaii 31 Followers 30 Discussions
The University of Hawaii offers foreign law graduates two excellent opportunities to gain a broader understanding of the U.S. legal system: the Master of Laws (LLM) Program or the Advanced JD (AJD) Program. The LLM Program is a one-year Master's degree course, while the AJD Program enables candidates to earn a Juris Doctor degree in as little as two years. The LSAT examination is not required by applicants for either program. Exceptional LLM graduates also have the option of transferring to our...

Full-Time: General LL.M. more

By Research: Doctor of Juridicial Science more

JD for International Lawyers: Advanced JD Program for Foreign Law Graduates more

Hamburg, Germany 63 Followers 44 Discussions
Bucerius Obtain your graduate degree at Germany's top-ranked law school! Bucerius Law School, one of the top law schools in Germany, offers a 1-year graduate degree for young professionals: the Master of Law and Business. The Bucerius Master of Law and Business is an interdisciplinary and international program for young professionals from various academic and cultural backgrounds. The program offers two possible degrees: a Master of Law and Business (MLB) and a Master of Laws (LLM).

Full-Time: Master of Law and Business (LL.M. / MLB) more

Jodhpur, India 33 Followers 6 Discussions

Full-Time: LL.M. more

Distance Learning: LL.M. in Criminal Law, Criminology & Forensic Science, LL.M. in International Trade Laws & WTO, Master Degree in Corporate Laws more

Mannheim, Germany 25 Followers 3 Discussions
The joint Master’s degree program “Master of Comparative Business Law - M.C.B.L. (Mannheim / Adelaide)” is a one-year program at Master's level. The program is offered in full-time with daytime classes. The first semester (from September to December) takes place in Mannheim and the second semester (from February to June) in Adelaide. Students who have obtained their undergraduate degree outside of Germany are also eligible to study the entire program in Mannheim.

Full-Time: Master of Comparative Business Law (MCBL), Master of Laws (LL.M.), Wettbewerbs und Regulierungsrecht (LL.M.) more

Dresden, Germany 24 Followers 5 Discussions
The LL.M. (1 year postgraduate course leading to a Master of Laws [LL.M] degree) is offered by the Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Media Law at the Law School/ Technische Universität Dresden. The students spend the summer term in Dresden and the winter term at one of our Partner Universities (Cracow/Exeter/London/Prag/Seattle/Strassbourg/Szeged). The programme provides German law students with the opportunity to qualify as a Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz.

Full-Time: LL.M. International Studies in Intellectual Property Law, Wirtschaftsrecht - (LL.M. in Business Law) more

Boston, Massachusetts 20 Followers 12 Discussions
Northeastern Law At Northeastern University School of Law, the Master of Laws (LLM) program offers law graduates from around the world the opportunity to study at the top experiential law school in the US. This hands-on LLM program is unique: all qualified LLM students have the opportunity for an 11-week, full-time legal practice experience (co-op) as an integral part of the academic curriculum. The 12-month LLM offers the choice of a general program for those who want to design their own course of study as well...

Full-Time: General LL.M. Program, LL.M. in Health Policy and Law, LL.M. in Human Rights, LL.M. in International Business Law, LL.M. in Intelectual Prop... more

Part-Time: Executive LL.M. more

Dual Degree: Business Administration LL.M. / MBA, LL.M. / MA in Sustainable International Development more

Singapore 188 Followers 208 Discussions

Full-Time: Master of Laws (LL.M.), Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Business Law more

Dual Degree: Dual-Degree Master of Laws (LL.M.) / Master in Public Administration (MPA) or Master in Public Policy (MPP) more

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Samford University Launches Online LL.M. and MSL Programs

Apr 24, 2018

University of Utah to Launch a Master of Legal Studies Degree

Mar 07, 2018

Albany Law School Announces Online LL.M. in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law

Dec 15, 2017

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Dec 21, 2016

Bucerius Law School to Offer a Specialization in Entrepreneurship

Apr 12, 2016

University of Idaho to Launch an LL.M. Program this Fall

Mar 08, 2016

Georgetown Law Partners with HEC Paris to Offer an MBA/LL.M. and an MiM/LL.M.

Nov 23, 2015

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ISDE and Columbia Launch New Joint Program with a Focus on Sports

Apr 23, 2015

Georgetown Launches Two New Online Law Programs

Apr 07, 2015

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