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London, United Kingdom 554 Followers 846 Discussions
LSE The Executive LLM programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the most innovative and intellectually exciting of LLM programmes offered in Europe today. It makes available the highest quality postgraduate education, taught by many of the leading academics in the UK, to individuals in full-time employment who cannot take a year-long break from work. The programme offers modules in a broad range of fields including arbitration, human rights and more.

Full-Time: LL.M. Master of Laws, LL.M. Banking Law and Financial Regulation, LL.M. Competition, Innovation and Trade Law, LL.M. Corporate and/or Commer... more…

Part-Time: Executive LL.M. more…

London, United Kingdom 710 Followers 773 Discussions
QMUL Queen Mary, University of London’s School of Law, internationally renowned by academics and practitioners as offering a first class LLM Programme with 21 different specialisms. Staff have substantial practical legal work and world leading research experience. Along with the expertise of high profile Judges, practitioners, Business Leaders and distinguished Visiting Academic Fellows, Queen Mary can offer you an academically challenging and relevant LLM in a friendly and supportive environment.

Full-Time: LL.M. (Master of Laws), LL.M. in Art, Business and Law, LL.M. in Banking and Finance Law, LL.M. in Commercial and Corporate Law, LL.M. in Co... more…

Part-Time: Postgraduate Diploma in Law, Postgraduate Diploma (Flexible Study) Laws more…

By Research: MA in Law by Research, PhD more…

Distance Learning: LL.M. in Computer and Communications Law, LLM in International Dispute Resolution, Postgraduate Diploma in Computer and Communications Law,... more…

Dual Degree: Sorbonne Law School - Queen Mary University of London Double LL.M., Dual LL.M. in Commercial Law more…

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Competition Law

Generally speaking, competition law—often referred to as antitrust law—seeks to prevent the rise of monopolies or cartels. Prominent cases like the litany of antitrust battles between Microsoft and the US government, as well as the legal difficulties that Google is facing as it expands globally, show the complex issues that firms face as they grow. Because of the delicate interplay between economics and competition, those who pursue LL.M.s in Competition Law might study a range of topics, from economic analysis to intellectual property rights. And indeed, graduates of LL.M. programs in Competition Law have gone on to provide expert advice in intellectual property and business law, serve with governmental and international regulatory bodies, and become specialized consultants for companies, legal firms and government.

International Tax Law

Globalization has created opportunities and challenges for the world’s international businesses, policymakers and governments. Taxing international dealings appropriately – and getting the best deal at the other end – has become a complicated task that demands experts in the field of international tax law. For those looking to comprehend how tax regimes around the world interact, LL.M.s in international taxation as well as related master’s degrees provide the opportunity to study how citizens, businesses and governments manage the challenges of international taxation. For those who pursue an LL.M. concentration in international tax law, careers in global corporations, policymaking, accountancy and government await.

Top 10 LL.M. Programs in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for LL.M. students, many of whom are looking to study in some of the oldest, most prestigious universities in the world. Although many LL.M. programs are offered in London—one of the world’s premier finance and technology hubs—there are also strong offerings in the north of England as well as in Scotland. The range of LL.M. programs on offer by law schools in the UK can be staggering; the most popular specializations in the country include Banking & Finance Law, Energy Law, and Competition Law.

Banking/Finance/Securities Law

Thinking about doing an LL.M. in Banking or Finance Law? Many are, since the world’s banking, finance, and securities sectors—not to mention related industries—are huge, highly regulated, and constantly evolving. Because of the size and dynamic nature of these industries, the laws that govern them are often highly complex, which means that lawyers skilled in these areas can be in high demand. That's why the best LL.M.s in Banking / Finance Law leverage up-to-date research in the fields, which may be produced by research centers that are hosted by law schools. The programs will cover a range of topics, ranging from financial law to corporate law, and may address issues like central banks, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy, among others. 

An LL.M. program in Banking/Finance/Securities Law can prepare grads for a variety of positions in the financial sector: some LL.M.s go on to work for law firms representing financial services companies; others go on to help individuals navigate the complex web of contracts and regulations. Additionally, an LL.M. in Banking or Finance can help for those looking to land a job as in-house counsel at a bank or another financial services firm, or even in a regulatory body.

See the top 10 LL.M. programs for Banking / Finance / Securities Law below.

Human Rights Law

It’s no wonder that an increasing number of students are aiming to pursue an LL.M. in Human Rights Law: With so much happening in the world today, from wars and forced exile to environmental disasters, it’s essential to understand the overlapping legal frameworks and laws that affect human rights of people everywhere.

Today’s best LL.M.s in Human Rights Law instill critical insights into these topics by leveraging current research from human rights centers and hubs. Some law schools also provide the opportunity for students to pursue internships, either during or after their LL.M., with an international organization or human rights-related nongovernmental organization (NGO). Through these internships, students can get hands-on experience in human rights law.

Proximity to these kinds of NGOs and international organizations allows for networking and connecting with important decisionmakers. This is why some of the world’s best LL.M. programs in Human Rights Law are located in important hubs like Geneva—home to groups like the Human Rights Council—and New York City, home to the United Nations headquarters

LL.M.s in Human Rights typically cover a variety of topics, and the best programs delve deep into concepts like international law, humanitarian law, refugee law, and other related topics. Some law schools also offer related masters programs, in subjects like humanitarian law and asylum law, while other schools offer programs that specifically address human rights in a region, such as Europe.

After completing an LL.M. Human Rights Law, many graduates go on to work in international law firms dealing with human rights issues, as well as NGOs and other organizations.