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Tilburg, Netherlands 177 Followers 153 Discussions
Tilburg University is well known for its high standards in education and scientific research as well as its good support facilities. The university has taken top position in national and international rankings for many years now. Independent reviews indicate that the quality of the Tilburg Faculty of Law is very high. Appraisal committees appointed by the Minister for Education rank the faculty as one of the best in the Netherlands. The following LL.M programmes in English are available: LLM Int...

Full-Time: LL.M. European Union Law, LL.M. International Law and Human Rights, LL.M. International Business Law, LL.M. International Business Tax Law,... more…

By Research: LL.M. Research Master in Law more…

New York City, New York 266 Followers 220 Discussions
Fordham Law Located in the heart of Manhattan, Fordham Law’s eight LL.M. degrees offer the opportunity to specialize in fields that are evolving as the law, economy, technology, and times demand. The breadth of offerings in each program is matched only by the enthusiasm and experience that our professors bring to the classroom.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law, LL.M. in Corporate Compliance, LL.M. in Fashion Law, LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Inform... more…

Part-Time: Professional Track LL.M. more…

Edinburgh, United Kingdom 316 Followers 449 Discussions
Edinburgh Join a world top 25* law school (QS 2017 World University Rankings for Law) to advance your knowledge and career in law or criminology. Established in 1707, Edinburgh Law School is renowned for its international and interdisciplinary outlook and has been at the heart of legal education and research for more than 300 years.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Law, LL.M. in Commercial Law, LL.M. in Comparative and European Private Law, LL.M. in Corporate Law, LL.M. in Criminal Law and Crim... more…

By Research: LL.M. by Research more…

Distance Learning: LL.M. in Law, LL.M. International Commercial Law and Practice, LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law, LL.M. in Information Technology Law, LL.M... more…

London, United Kingdom 552 Followers 846 Discussions
LSE The Executive LLM programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the most innovative and intellectually exciting of LLM programmes offered in Europe today. It makes available the highest quality postgraduate education, taught by many of the leading academics in the UK, to individuals in full-time employment who cannot take a year-long break from work. The programme offers modules in a broad range of fields including arbitration, human rights and more.

Full-Time: LL.M. Master of Laws, LL.M. Banking Law and Financial Regulation, LL.M. Competition, Innovation and Trade Law, LL.M. Corporate and/or Commer... more…

Part-Time: Executive LL.M. more…

Toronto, Canada 145 Followers 116 Discussions
UofT The University of Toronto Faculty of Law offers one of the world's outstanding legal educations. To be a student at our prestigious law school is to join a lively intellectual community of the finest law teachers and scholars. Our graduate programs inspire students to think broadly and deeply about the law, prepare them to excel in the fields of their choice, and provide them with competitive opportunities that only a top-ranked school can offer.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Business Law, LL.M. in Criminal Law, LL.M. in Legal Theory, LL.M. in Health Law, Ethics and Policy, Global Professional LL.M. in Bu... more…

Dublin, Ireland 87 Followers 73 Discussions
Trinity College Dublin (TCD) The School of Law, TCD is Ireland’s oldest and most internationally renowned Law School. Our expert professors attract students of the highest calibre around the world. We offer an enormous range of modules in our 4 LL.M. degrees, from human rights law to commercial law (and every area in between), ensuring all student interests are catered. Our European and International focus provides graduates with a competitive edge globally. Our aim is to have a cohort of students that is academically excel...

Full-Time: LL.M. Masters in Laws, LL.M. International and Comparative Law, LL.M. International and European Business Law, LL.M. Intellectual Property a... more…

By Research: MLitt / PhD more…

Stanford, California 605 Followers 368 Discussions

Full-Time: LL.M. in Corporate Governance & Practice, LL.M. in Environmental Law & Policy, LL.M. in Law, Science & Technology, LL.M. in International Ec... more…

San Francisco, California 49 Followers 31 Discussions
With modern facilities situated in a world-class city, there is no better place to study law than at the University of San Francisco. The San Francisco Bay Area, home to Silicon Valley, leading international law firms, and state and federal courts, is the business and financial capital of the West Coast of the United States. The educational experience at USF is also enhanced by the frequent panels, guest speakers, and special programs sponsored by the university, numerous student organizations,...

Full-Time: LL.M. in Taxation, LL.M. Intellectual Property and Technology Law, LL.M . International Transactions and Comparative Law, Master of Legal St... more…

IP in Alicante or Edinburgh
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Leiden, Tilburg or KU leuven
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Law and technology LL.M.: US and beyond?
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Cheapest, moderately cheap or free, Business/IT law LLMs in...
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LLM in Information Technology / IP
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Chicago-Kent Special Program
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Wash U LL.M. IP - job opportunities
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LLM IP and Technology Law
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LLM at UiO or Leiden? (ICT laws)
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LL.M. in Law, Science and Technology at Stanford Law School
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Waitlisted Stanford (IP program)
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Leiden's Law and Digital Technologies LLM or some other Univ...
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Stanford LL.M. Program in Law, Science & Technology
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LLM the netherlands (Tilburg in particular). Opinions?
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LLM Law & Technology - Tilburg
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LLM Information Technology Law 2015 HELP!
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LLM Technology Law - Tilburg
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LLM on IT law
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LLM Energy Law
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Technology Law or International Law for LL.M
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Scholarship on LLM Programmes at University of Southampton
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GW, UVa, Berkeley or NYU
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LLM Law & Technology
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Best university for IT Law in UK
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Australia's UNSW Law to Refresh its LL.M. Offerings for 2019

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Loyola Law School, Los Angeles to Offer an LL.M. in Cybersecurity

Nov 17, 2015

Intellectual Property (IP) Law

Intellectual property law—often just called “IP” law—serves to protect the rights of the people who have created artwork, or who own patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property. As you might imagine, the legal issues involved in this area can be thorny—especially in the age of the Internet, when artistic works are shared every day, sometimes legally, and sometimes not—and experienced IP lawyers are often needed to do everything from filing patent applications to drafting licensing agreements, and even defending trademark owners from infringement in court. An LL.M. program in Intellectual Property Law can help legal professionals get caught-up with current laws around patents, copyrights, and antitrust issues; some LL.M.s might even delve into specific fields where IP law applies, such as entertainment law. Fortunately, there are many career opportunities for a legal professional who has an LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law. Indeed, there are entire law firms dedicated to IP law; jobs can also be found in the legal departments of non-legal firms that own or manage artistic works, technology, or other intellectual property.