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Dublin, Ireland 84 Followers 70 Discussions
The School of Law, TCD is Ireland’s oldest and most internationally renowned Law School. Our expert professors attract students of the highest calibre around the world. We offer an enormous range of modules in our 4 LL.M. degrees, from human rights law to commercial law (and every area in between), ensuring all student interests are catered. Our European and International focus provides graduates with a competitive edge globally. Our aim is to have a cohort of students that is academically excel...

Full-Time: LL.M. Masters in Laws, LL.M. International and Comparative Law, LL.M. International and European Business Law, LL.M. Intellectual Property a... more

By Research: MLitt / PhD more

Hartford, Connecticut 36 Followers 22 Discussions
UConn Law UConn Law provides five LLM programs to fit the unique needs of incoming LLM students. If you are looking for a broad U.S. law curriculum, U.S. Legal Studies is the best option. For specializations, UConn Law provides unmatched opportunities in Insurance Law, Energy & Environmental Law, Human Rights & Social Justice, and Intellectual Property & Information Governance. At you UConn law, the programs focus on building expertise, making connections and advancing careers.

Full-Time: LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies, LL.M. in Energy and Environmental Law, LL.M. in Human Rights and Social Justice, LL.M. in Insurance Law, LL.M.... more

Boulder, Colorado 14 Followers 5 Discussions
CU Boulder - Colorado Law Located in the #1 college town and the #2 best place to live in the US, Colorado Law students find a rare life balance that includes the academic rigor of attending a tier 1 US law school in addition to the unique recreational, cultural, and social opportunities in Boulder, Colorado. In the spirit of inclusivity, Colorado Law offers LLM programs designed for legal academics and practitioners and MSL programs for non-legal practitioners in Human Rights and Ethics and Compliance .

Full-Time: LL.M. Degree, Master of Studies in Law (MSL) - Ethics and Compliance, Master of Studies in Law (MSL) - Human Rights more

Boston, Massachusetts 20 Followers 12 Discussions
Northeastern Law At Northeastern University School of Law, the Master of Laws (LLM) program offers law graduates from around the world the opportunity to study at the top experiential law school in the US. This hands-on LLM program is unique: all qualified LLM students have the opportunity for an 11-week, full-time legal practice experience (co-op) as an integral part of the academic curriculum. The 12-month LLM offers the choice of a general program for those who want to design their own course of study as well...

Full-Time: General LL.M. Program, LL.M. in Health Policy and Law, LL.M. in Human Rights, LL.M. in International Business Law, LL.M. in Intelectual Prop... more

Part-Time: Executive LL.M. more

Dual Degree: Business Administration LL.M. / MBA, LL.M. / MA in Sustainable International Development more

Notre Dame, Indiana 41 Followers 30 Discussions
Founded in 1869, the Notre Dame Law School brings together centuries of intellectual and moral tradition, the historic methods and principles of the common law, and a thorough engagement with the reality of today's legislative, regulatory, and global legal environment. The law school offers an LL.M. in U.S. Law, an LL.M. in International Human Rights Law, as well as an LL.M. in London.

Full-Time: LL.M. at Notre Dame, LL.M. in London, LL.M. in International Human Rights Law more

Chicago, Illinois 394 Followers 473 Discussions
Northwestern - Pritzker Northwestern Law prepares international lawyers for this exciting new world better than any leading U.S. program by offering a wide variety of degree programs for international students. International students can choose among several LLM programs as well as a two-year JD program for international lawyers. Beginning in May 2011, students will have the option to earn an LLM in 15 weeks over the summer in Northwestern Law’s new Accelerated LLM program. Students may also choose to enroll in an Exec...

Full-Time: LL.M. for International Students, LL.M. in Taxation, LL.M. Program in International Human Rights, Master of Science in Law (MSL) more

Part-Time: Executive LL.M. in Chicago, Executive LL.M. in Madrid, Executive LL.M. in Seoul, Executive LL.M. in Tel Aviv more

JD for International Lawyers: Two-year JD for International Lawyers more

Dual Degree: JD / LL.M. in International Human Rights, JD / LL.M. in Taxation more

Washington, District of Columbia 852 Followers 866 Discussions
Georgetown Law, in Washington, D.C., has one of the most well-established graduate programs in the United States and offers an unparalleled opportunity for lawyers to broaden and deepen their understanding of law through advanced study. Our LL.M., S.J.D. and Certificate students come from more than 60 countries and close to 150 different law schools from around the world. Georgetown Law offers general/flexible degree programs as well as specialties including Taxation, Securities, Global Health,...

Full-Time: General Studies LL.M., Environmental and Energy Law LL.M., Global Health Law LL.M., Global Health Law & International Institutions LL.M., In... more

Distance Learning: Executive Taxation LL.M., Executive LL.M. Securities and Financial Regulation, Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) in Taxation more

Dual Degree: LL.M. Dual Degree, J.D. / LL.M. more

Honolulu, Hawaii 31 Followers 30 Discussions
The University of Hawaii offers foreign law graduates two excellent opportunities to gain a broader understanding of the U.S. legal system: the Master of Laws (LLM) Program or the Advanced JD (AJD) Program. The LLM Program is a one-year Master's degree course, while the AJD Program enables candidates to earn a Juris Doctor degree in as little as two years. The LSAT examination is not required by applicants for either program. Exceptional LLM graduates also have the option of transferring to our...

Full-Time: General LL.M. more

By Research: Doctor of Juridicial Science more

JD for International Lawyers: Advanced JD Program for Foreign Law Graduates more

Better for Human Rights: University of Notre Dame or UCL/QMU...
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Berkeley full price or UCLA with scholarship ?
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US LLM with high 2.1 from UK university
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University of Wrocław in Poland
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A weak first class - LLM at Oxbridge, Harvard, Colombia, NYU...
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ADH Geneva Career Opportunities
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Berkeley or UVA
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LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in...
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Hybrid LL.M. in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in both Sp...
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NEW Spanish LL.M. at American University in Washington DC
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CLS Human Rights Fellow
Dec 07, 2014  332  Qc1990
LLM in International Humanitarian Law
Oct 30, 2014  928  Stagista11
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LLM in Human Rights in the US
Sep 09, 2014  6539  humanright...
NEW LL.M. American University Washington College of Law
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Oxford MSt in IHRL 2014/2015
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having phd and start another LLM in US
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US atty getting an LLM in Europe
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LLM For Mature Student
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Applying for the Harvard LLM with Oxford undergrad
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Utrecht vs. Catolica Global
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Advanced Degrees in US
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LLM human rights
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LLM programs in international/human rights/humanitarian law
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LLM without LLB
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LLM Abroad Transfer?
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LLM in Europe
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LLM in International Law or Human Rights at UCL or MSc Human...
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Ready or not?
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Admission requirements, foreign lawyer
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Should I get a private loan?
Apr 28, 2011  25  Martine_S
Should I get a private loan?
Apr 28, 2011  21  Martine_S
Bar exam after LLM
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International law & Justice X International Business & Trade...
Apr 15, 2011  112  AMF
LL.M in criminal laws in the US
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LL.M in Criminal Law in the US
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Unofficial confirmation?
Jan 22, 2011  123  Floris
Oct 31, 2010  851  hello_worl...
LLM in Human Rights at Essex
Jun 22, 2010  99  jobeyme
LLM with Children's Rights Focus
Apr 12, 2010  1390  Stagista11
How much does the reputation of your undergraduate school ma...
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JD v Barrister degree
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LLM in Human Rights with courses in Indigenous Rights
Jan 18, 2010  461  Stagista11
Need your advices
Jan 11, 2010  120  Tapha
Newcomer Student in USA Finding out about LLM, JD etc...
Jan 09, 2010  133  Tapha
Please Please Guide me
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Downturn Dims Prospects Even at Top Law Schools
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