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Reading, United Kingdom 58 Followers 29 Discussions
Reading School of Law The University of Reading is one of the UK’s 10 most research-intensive universities and one of the top 200 universities in the world. The School of Law at Reading is one of the leading law schools in the UK. In the government’s 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) the School was ranked equal 11th in the UK across the assessment of all its research, and equal 7th based on the high percentage of its research rated as 4* (‘world leading’) or 3* (‘internationally excellent’). Reading has a livel...

Full-Time: LL.M. Global Crisis, Conflict and Disaster Management, LL.M. Advanced Legal Studies, LL.M. International Law, LL.M. Human Rights, LL.M. Inte... more

By Research: MRes in Law, MRes in Law & Society, MA (Res) Legal History more

Manchester, United Kingdom 101 Followers 172 Discussions
The University of Manchester's School of Law has continued its dedication to providing high quality legal education for over 140 years. The school offers a range of LL.M. courses in Corporate Governance, Healthcare Ethics and Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Business and Commercial Law, International Financial Law, International Trade Transactions, Law, Public International Law, Security and International Law, and Transnational Dispute Resolution.

Full-Time: Law LL.M., Corporate Governance LL.M., Healthcare Ethics and Law LL.M., Intellectual Property Law LL.M., International Business and Commerci... more

By Research: MPhil, PhD more

Groningen, Netherlands 109 Followers 70 Discussions
University of Groningen The Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen offers several, one-year LLM programmes, all fully taught in English, and has the top rated LLMs in international law in the Netherlands (Keuzegids Higher Education Guide 2017 and 2018). The Faculty has existed ever since the founding of the university in 1614 and has a long standing tradition of legal and academic excellence. On top of this, Groningen is a very popular student city, providing a pleasant atmosphere in which to live and study.

Full-Time: Master of Laws in Energy and Climate Law, Master of Laws in European Economic Law, Master of Laws in Global Criminal Law, Master of Laws in... more

Part-Time: LL.M. in North Sea Energy Law more

Frankfurt am Main, Germany 148 Followers 95 Discussions
ILF The ILF offers one of the few programs in Europe with a truly international, rather than national or EU focus, for study of law and finance. All teaching is in English. The interdisciplinary curriculum combines lectures and seminars in law, business and economics. The ILF is based on an effective public-private partnership concept, with active participation of leading international law practitioners, finance and banking specialists as well as officials of the ECB, German Bundesbank and other bod...

Full-Time: LL.M. in Finance, LL.M. in International Finance more

Leiden, Netherlands 434 Followers 416 Discussions
Leiden Law School offers intensive education programmes that provide tremendous opportunities for talented students. The influence of internationalisation and European integration is steadily increasing in all areas of society and law. The design of our study programmes is entirely in line with these developments. With our campus in The Hague we are close to the political arena and many international organisations that operate in the area of peace and law.

Full-Time: Air and Space Law (Advanced LL.M.), European and International Business Law (Advanced LL.M.), European and International Human Rights Law (A... more

London, United Kingdom 546 Followers 837 Discussions
The Executive LLM programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the most innovative and intellectually exciting of LLM programmes offered in Europe today. It makes available the highest quality postgraduate education, taught by many of the leading academics in the UK, to individuals in full-time employment who cannot take a year-long break from work. The programme offers modules in a broad range of fields including arbitration, human rights and more.

Full-Time: LL.M. Master of Laws, LL.M. Banking Law and Financial Regulation, LL.M. Competition, Innovation and Trade Law, LL.M. Corporate and/or Commer... more

Part-Time: Executive LL.M. more

London, United Kingdom 148 Followers 146 Discussions
University of London - LL.M. Programme Study this world-class, flexible LLM anywhere in the world. Candidates of all backgrounds are welcome, and you have up to five years to complete. With more than 30 specialisations and 60 courses, you can either build a broad range of skills or specialise in a specific field, such as public law for government or human rights law for NGOs. Boost your career with a prestigious degree that will provide you with many key attributes valued by law firms.

Distance Learning: LL.M., LL.M. in Banking and Finance Law, LL.M. in Commercial and Corporate Law, LL.M. in Common Law, LL.M. in Comparative and Foreign Law, L... more

Dublin, Ireland 84 Followers 70 Discussions
The School of Law, TCD is Ireland’s oldest and most internationally renowned Law School. Our expert professors attract students of the highest calibre around the world. We offer an enormous range of modules in our 4 LL.M. degrees, from human rights law to commercial law (and every area in between), ensuring all student interests are catered. Our European and International focus provides graduates with a competitive edge globally. Our aim is to have a cohort of students that is academically excel...

Full-Time: LL.M. Masters in Laws, LL.M. International and Comparative Law, LL.M. International and European Business Law, LL.M. Intellectual Property a... more

By Research: MLitt / PhD more

Am I eligible to apply this LLM at KCL?
Jun 28, 2017  84  nikilim
Am I eligible to apply this LLM?
Jun 28, 2017  28  nikilim
Am I eligible to apply this LLM?
Jun 28, 2017  13  nikilim
Need opinion on career progression (LLM or JD)
Jun 15, 2017  410  xantia
Columbia vs. NYU vs. Northwestern LLM/Kellogg
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"Second tier" universities
Dec 11, 2015  1315  jrlucius
Columbia vs. NYU vs. Northwestern LLM/Kellogg
May 10, 2014  99  noros
Columbia vs. NYU vs. Northwestern LLM/Kellogg
May 10, 2014  52  noros
Columbia vs. NYU vs. Northwestern LLM/Kellogg
May 10, 2014  51  noros
need little bit guidance from everyone....plz help.
May 29, 2012  141  bilalaslam
confussion in L.L.M subject selection and guidance
May 26, 2012  177  bilalaslam
LLM Corporate Law
Apr 10, 2012  2363  pfjunior
The EU Dimension at Trinity College Dublin
Jul 24, 2011  261  D.M.90
New business LL.M. at TCD
Jul 24, 2011  279  D.M.90
LLM at Kent/Reading/Newcastle or Leeds?
May 03, 2011  1020  patuan84
Which one?
Apr 24, 2011  1216  Pluto
Bristol/Exeter/SOAS or ...
Mar 09, 2011  712  Wheretogo_
Choosing my courses. Challenging thread
Jul 01, 2010  122  mira
Questions about Warwick (LLM with non-law background)
Apr 19, 2010  1584  Wheretogo_
LLM in Intl. commercial or financial law LSE, Kings, QMUL, N...
Apr 10, 2010  3210  Colorado
Edinburgh vs ILF vs Warwick
Mar 04, 2010  736  chenbao6
Edinburgh vs ILF vs Warwick
Feb 23, 2010  259  apowerner
lugano francis mwakapala
Nov 15, 2009  65  lugano
What Minimum Entry Qualification???
Aug 30, 2009  450  Banking
Application opens for LLM (Int'l Business Law) - taught in S...
Jul 23, 2009  3145  montrealde...
LLM Durham or Southampton
Mar 24, 2009  401  PUCCA
International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
Mar 13, 2009  3145  naija
LLM in Public Law at Bristol
May 12, 2008  99  smpaine1
BCL (Oxon) vs LLM (Cantab) - banking law
Apr 04, 2008  567  Paddy Nola...
Applications open for LLM (Int'l Business Law) - taught in N...
Mar 10, 2007  665  aplli1
LLM in Commercial & Financial Law
Feb 05, 2007  73  bunty123
Applications Open for LLM (Int'l Business Law) - taught in S...
Nov 27, 2006  335  NUS-LLM
New LLM in Asian Legal Studies at NUS Law
Oct 06, 2006  121  NUS-LLM
LLM in europe
Jul 12, 2006  1235  akingboju
Jul 09, 2005  15  saketsikri

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