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Toronto, Canada 122 Followers 54 Discussions
Osgoode Hall - York Osgoode Professional Development (OsgoodePD), is a division of Osgoode Hall Law School at York University – one of Canada’s largest, oldest and most prestigious legal institutions. We foster the career advancement of legal professionals worldwide with a wide range of study options that include LLM degrees, non-credit and preparatory programs.

Full-Time: LL.M. Canadian Common Law, LL.M. International Business Law, LL.M. Tax Law more

Part-Time: LL.M. Administrative Law, LL.M. Business Law, LL.M. Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution, LL.M. Constitutional Law, LL.M. Criminal Law an... more

By Research: Research LL.M. more

Nijmegen, Netherlands 30 Followers 15 Discussions
Located on a green campus in the oldest city in the Netherlands, Radboud University is a welcoming, forward-looking, research-based center of learning that covers the full range of academic disciplines.The Faculty of Law has a long standing reputation of excellence as is demonstrated by the national and international rankings. The Law Faculty has an extensive experience of teaching in English and in catering for foreign students. International Law students are also offered guaranteed housing.

Full-Time: LL.M. in European Law, LL.M. in European Law: Business Law, LL.M. in European Law: European Law and Global Affairs, LL.M. in European Law: H... more

Queens, New York 30 Followers 1 Discussion
St. John's Law St. John's is one of America's leading Catholic universities recognized for its superb academic programs, diverse student life, BIG EAST excitement and New York vitality. Founded in 1870 by the Vincentian Community, St. John's is known for giving students the knowledge, skills and confidence to serve others while achieving personal and professional success. Graduates become leaders in their professions, their communities and the world.

Full-Time: LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies, LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice, LL.M. in Bankruptcy more

Dual Degree: LL.M. in International Trade and Investment Law / LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice more

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UK LLM in Canada?
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5 Questions for an LL.M. Graduate - Brady Gordon

By Y. Brehler-Wires on Feb 18, 2014

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