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jobs after llm in uk.
Oct 15, 2017  165  Duncan
Law related work opportunities in NZ and Australia
Jun 25, 2017  450  Camford
JD or LLM after LLB for US Citizens?
Aug 08, 2016  2648  srini234
Do foreign lawyers (Indians specifically) get jobs in UK?
May 12, 2016  175  Lawless100
In which field i should do l.l.m?
Apr 01, 2012  2819  Wheretogo_
Canadian LLM- job prospects
Feb 20, 2011  2615  obioraezik...
Abolition of Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa!
Feb 02, 2011  410  hny_flying
Is that worth..?
Mar 12, 2009  411  Ress
JD or LLM after LLB for US Citizens?
Aug 27, 2008  228  kitsull
What are the best options?
Oct 02, 2007  37  Scholarshi...
Jul 19, 2007  146  troubled_s...
Should I take it?
Jun 21, 2007  285  Ralph Wigg...
Employment after studies in the U.K.
Jul 23, 2006  628  Noura
post-LLM prospects for U.S. JDs
Aug 12, 2005  20  alexp
post LLm
Jun 14, 2005  38  C.Miller
Jobs after LLM
Jun 01, 2005  39  akshat_pan...

The Value of an LL.M. in Financial Regulation in a Post-Financial Crisis World

By Seb Murray on Sep 14, 2018

A Dive Into Public International Law LL.M.s

By B. Xu on Aug 30, 2017

Energy Law LL.M.s: A Closer Look

By B. Xu on May 08, 2017

LL.M.s in the Netherlands: Getting International Perspective in the Home of the ICC and the Peace Palace

By Vanessa Ellingham on Feb 20, 2017

LL.M.s in Corporate Compliance

By Emily Cataneo on Nov 17, 2016

Are Law School Rankings Relevant for LL.M. Programs?

By Vanessa Ellingham on Oct 20, 2016

A Degree for the High Seas: A Look at Maritime LL.M.s

By Beina Xu on Jun 29, 2015

Shaping the Future of Europe

By Emily Cataneo on Jun 22, 2015

How Many Big Law Associates and Partners Have an LL.M.?

By A. Hassan, V. Wish, M. Filtz on Jun 04, 2015

5 Questions for an LL.M. Graduate – David Vajnai

By Y. Brehler-Wires on Sep 15, 2014

LL.M. Programs in Financial Regulation

By V. Wish on Jan 04, 2013

Postgraduate Law Diplomas and Certificates: An LL.M. Alternative?

By V. Wish on Aug 30, 2012

Do Law Firms Value the LL.M.?

By V. Wish on Oct 22, 2010

The LL.M. in Entertainment and Media Law

By V. Wish on Jan 22, 2010

Building Legal Bridges between "“Old Europe"” and “"New Europe"

By V. Wish on Jun 11, 2007

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