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Nottingham, United Kingdom 94 Followers 52 Discussions
Nottingham Law School Enhance your academic profile for practice or research. Nottingham Law School is one of the largest full service university law schools in the UK, supporting students through every stage of legal training from undergraduate through to Masters, research, professional and practitioner courses. The School has an unrivalled reputation for providing innovative postgraduate level courses and training. We offer a flexible approach to postgraduate study which allows you to ‘build’ an LLM programme to su...

Full-Time: LL.M. General Law, LL.M. Bar Professional Training Course, LL.M. in Corporate and Insolvency Law, LL.M. in Health Law and Ethics, LL.M. in H... more

Distance Learning: LL.M. in Corporate and Insolvency Law, LL.M. in International Trade and Commercial Law, LL.M. in Legal Practice, LL.M. in Oil, Gas and Minin... more

Dual Degree: LL.M. in Corporate and Insolvency Law / European and Insolvency Law more

Durham, United Kingdom 47 Followers 173 Discussions

Full-Time: LL.M. (General), LL.M. Corporate Law, LL.M. in European Trade and Commercial Law, LL.M. in International Trade and Commercial Law, LL.M. in... more

Swansea, United Kingdom 54 Followers 98 Discussions
Swansea University offers specialised LLM programmes in the realm of commercial, maritime and international trade law. All programmes are delivered from a practical and international perspective and taught by experts who are at the cutting-edge of their disciplines in terms of research. Headed by a leading QC, Professor Elwen Evans, the School of Law is a dynamic and modern law school with a strong international reputation.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Commercial Practice, LL.M. in Human Rights, LL.M. in International Commercial and Maritime Law, LL.M. in... more

Brighton, United Kingdom 35 Followers 41 Discussions

Full-Time: Law LL.M., Criminal Law and Criminology LL.M., Environmental Law LL.M., Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law LL.M., Internat... more

Part-Time: Corruption, Law and Governance LL.M. more

By Research: PhD in Law Studies more

Birmingham, United Kingdom 50 Followers 60 Discussions
Birmingham Birmingham Law School provides world-class teaching across a wide range of legal topics, offering you the opportunity to tailor your study to your interests or career aspirations. The Birmingham LLM allows you to follow a general route, with complete flexibility in module selection, or to follow a specialist pathway in Commercial Law, Criminal Law, International Commercial Law. International Law and Globalisation, International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights; or International Trade Law.

Full-Time: LL.M. (General), Commercial Law LL.M., Criminal Law and Criminal Justice LL.M., International Commercial Law LL.M., International Law and Gl... more

By Research: Law PhD, MPhil, MJur more

Groningen, Netherlands 107 Followers 69 Discussions
University of Groningen The Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen offers several, one-year LLM programmes, all fully taught in English, and has the top rated LLMs in international law in the Netherlands (Keuzegids Higher Education Guide 2017 and 2018). The Faculty has existed ever since the founding of the university in 1614 and has a long standing tradition of legal and academic excellence. On top of this, Groningen is a very popular student city, providing a pleasant atmosphere in which to live and study.

Full-Time: Master of Laws in Energy and Climate Law, Master of Laws in European Economic Law, Master of Laws in Global Criminal Law, Master of Laws in... more

Part-Time: LL.M. in North Sea Energy Law more

Amsterdam, Netherlands 248 Followers 138 Discussions
Amsterdam The Amsterdam Law School of the Faculty of Law of the Universiteit van Amsterdam has a long standing tradition of offering English taught LL.M. programmes. The programmes draw students from all over the world, which brings a truly international atmosphere to the Law School. The LL.M. programmes are designed to qualify their graduates for international careers in European and international institutions, international business, law firms, government departments and non-governmental organizations.

Full-Time: European Private Law LL.M., European Competition Law and Regulation (International and European Law) LL.M., European Union Law (Internationa... more

By Research: Information Law LL.M., Public International Law LL.M. more

Rotterdam, Netherlands 146 Followers 78 Discussions
Obtaining a LL.M at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is the perfect boost for your career. According to several global employability surveys Erasmus University Rotterdam delivers alumni that are highly employable. Our LLM programmes provide you with the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge necessary to operate in and to understand the global environment in which law is functioning nowadays. In addition to the regular courses many fieldtrips are organised to law firms, international c...

Full-Time: LL.M. Commercial and Company Law, LL.M. Maritime and Transport Law, LL.M. International Trade Law, LL.M. International and European Union La... more

LLM in USA or Europe
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LLM KCL, QMUL, Edinburgh, Bristol, Durham, Glasgow and South...
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Columbia vs Georgetown
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Distance Learning combined with on campus experience
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need little bit guidance from everyone....plz help.
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confussion in L.L.M subject selection and guidance
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Lower Second Class Admissions
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International trade/commercial law
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LLM of LSE, UCL for international commerical /trade Law
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SOAS LLM 11/12
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SOAS LLM 11/12
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LL.M Glasgow or Exeter please,advice
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Bristol or Durham
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Job prospect after a LLM in CUHK
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LLM in International Arbitration
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Urgent. Discussion needed.
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Looking for a LLM course..
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LLM in International Commercial Law/ Westminster or where?
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LLM Corporate Finance Law
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Withdrawing offer
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New PG Course at NALSAR, India
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lugano francis mwakapala
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Which are the most prestigious universities in the EU?
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KCL Most popular Professors & Subjects
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Oxford Brookes University
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Leicester or Oxford Brookes?
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Nottingham vs. Nottingham Trent
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LLM Durham or Southampton
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Bristol or Durham?
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LL.M in international commercial/trade law
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