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Tilburg, Netherlands 172 Followers 151 Discussions
Tilburg University is well known for its high standards in education and scientific research as well as its good support facilities. The university has taken top position in national and international rankings for many years now. Independent reviews indicate that the quality of the Tilburg Faculty of Law is very high. Appraisal committees appointed by the Minister for Education rank the faculty as one of the best in the Netherlands. The following LL.M programmes in English are available: LLM Int...

Full-Time: LL.M. European Union Law, LL.M. International Law and Human Rights, LL.M. International Business Law, LL.M. International Business Tax Law,... more

By Research: LL.M. Research Master in Law more

Budapest, Hungary 8 Followers 3 Discussions

Full-Time: European Human Rights LLM, European and International Business Law LLM more

Part-Time: LL.M. International and European Taxation more

Leiden, Netherlands 434 Followers 415 Discussions
Leiden Law School offers intensive education programmes that provide tremendous opportunities for talented students. The influence of internationalisation and European integration is steadily increasing in all areas of society and law. The design of our study programmes is entirely in line with these developments. With our campus in The Hague we are close to the political arena and many international organisations that operate in the area of peace and law.

Full-Time: Air and Space Law (Advanced LL.M.), European and International Business Law (Advanced LL.M.), European and International Human Rights Law (A... more

St. Gallen, Switzerland 16 Followers 16 Discussions
St. Gallen – E.M.B.L. The Executive E.M.B.L.-HSG is an 18-month program equipping practitioners with a solid generalist knowledge in European and international business law. Juridification of business makes sound knowledge of this area essential for lawyers and executives involved in decision making. As a competent generalist you will be in a position to transfer your new skills to other fields and to move confidently into new areas of activity.

Part-Time: Executive Master of European and International Business Law, E.M.B.L.-HSG more

Cergy-Pontoise, France 21 Followers 20 Discussions

Full-Time: LL.M. in French and European Law more

Dual Degree: Dual LL.M. more

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