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A top-tier U.S. law school, the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law--Arizona Law--offers graduates of U.S. and foreign law schools the opportunity to pursue a master of laws (LLM) in one of two well-recognized programs: International Trade and Business Law or Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy. For many non-U.S. lawyers, Arizona Law's Advanced JD program may be a better option, offering a two-year JD and access to the bar exam in all 50 states. Study in sunny Tucson, Arizona, t...

Full-Time: Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy LL.M., International Trade and Business Law LL.M., General LL.M., Master of Legal Studies (MLS) General Pa... more

By Research: Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy SJD, International Trade and Business Law SJD more

In-House Legal jobs in Canada
Mar 10, 2017  5803  Poonambhur...
LLB from India and LLM from U.K/U.S/Singapore
Aug 30, 2016  821  asplaw28
Seeking advice !
Nov 26, 2015  250  melfesh0
How to get through SOAS
Feb 06, 2015  171  SOAS Aspir...
LLm in Australia Vs LLM in Uk
May 13, 2013  369  barmenator
Financial Aid
Jun 29, 2012  440  selam baml...
Intellectual Property Job market and prospects
Apr 12, 2011  450  Baluza
LLM in IPR in the UK
Jan 18, 2011  60  vindhya89
Whether Foreign Attorneys are eligible to give Washington St...
Oct 20, 2010  967  Deb
LL.M through University of Edinburgh, via distance learning
Jul 20, 2010  604  EDIpostgra...
LL.M. in India
Jun 28, 2010  13671  jsd
want to work in international organisations
Jun 23, 2010  651  mitra
job prospects after LLM in university of sydney
Apr 02, 2010  373  lavy87
How is GPA calculated?
Jul 28, 2008  899  pacific
LLM in Canada
May 26, 2008  2914  deepshikha
LSE '08 admissions
Dec 24, 2007  885  bigron
hey Lets make an indian community of LLM 2007 aspirants
Jun 19, 2007  680  sindhu
LLM where? Duke/U penn/ Cornell
Jan 19, 2007  1568  yueping
students from indian universities, help
Aug 29, 2006  49  catty
percentages from indian universities???HELP!
Aug 18, 2006  115  Jazzman
hi lets make an indian community for LLM 2007 aspirants
Aug 16, 2006  71  jagz
Visa Interview Questions
Apr 25, 2006  297  dhiraj
help from indian
Aug 03, 2005  60  surabhinar...
Apr 28, 2005  107  york

Shaping the Future of Europe

By Emily Cataneo on Jun 22, 2015

Post-LL.M. Career Focus: The US Job Market

By Philipp Lassahn (HLS LL.M. graduate 2015) on Apr 20, 2015

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