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Hannover, Germany 59 Followers 14 Discussions
The LL.M. IT-Law offers a one-year Master program for postgraduate students. The students spend the first semester in Hannover and the second at one of our ten Partner Universities across Europe. As many of the courses offered in Hannover are in English, it is possible for foreign students to participate in the program. So far, students not only from Germany, but also from Austria, China, Finland, Greece, Poland, Puerto Rico and Spain have taken part. The students from the past years are organiz...

Full-Time: European Legal Informatics Study Programme (EULISP) - Master of Laws (LL.M.) in IT-Law and IP-Law more

LLM in Information Technology / IP
Jun 02, 2016  712  cmars
Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, KCL or QMUL
Feb 27, 2016  484  llmkings
Which Uni for IP??
Apr 05, 2015  188  TheAmaath
IP between QMUL, Glasgow and UoE
Mar 24, 2015  201  soon
Manchester or Glasgow for IP law
Mar 03, 2015  316  KDavidson
Which is better for IP law: QMUL VS Glasgow?
Feb 01, 2015  372  bondzz
Intellectual Property (IP)/ Information Tehnology (IT) LLM
Dec 30, 2014  1524  Kalev
Glasgow v Queen's v Nottingham v Warwick v Aberdeen, where t...
Apr 08, 2014  1399  lucasaberd...
course structure LL.M. Glasgow
Sep 11, 2013  204  IPGlasgow2...
Glasgow versus Edinburgh (LL.M. IP)
May 03, 2013  405  KDavidson
Glasgow IP
Apr 22, 2012  198  bill314
Glasgow or Edinburgh / International / IP Law
Apr 18, 2011  1784  EDIpostgra...
How is Manchester University???
May 03, 2008  256  Vincenzo
LLM commencing january/february 2007
Dec 15, 2006  1793  C.Miller
January-February intakes
Nov 08, 2006  3376  C.Miller
Distance Learning IT Law Europe
Aug 09, 2005  239  C.Miller

The LL.M. in Technology and Law

By V. Wish on May 15, 2009

The LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law

By V. Wish on Sep 16, 2007

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