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Washington, District of Columbia 868 Followers 870 Discussions
Georgetown Georgetown Law, in Washington, D.C., has one of the most well-established graduate programs in the United States and offers an unparalleled opportunity for lawyers to broaden and deepen their understanding of law through advanced study. Our LL.M., S.J.D. and Certificate students come from more than 60 countries and close to 150 different law schools from around the world. Georgetown Law offers the widest variety of courses and programs of any law school in the United States.

Full-Time: General Studies LL.M., Environmental and Energy Law LL.M., Global Health Law LL.M., Global Health Law & International Institutions LL.M., In... more…

Distance Learning: Executive Taxation LL.M., Executive LL.M. Securities and Financial Regulation, Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) in Taxation more…

Dual Degree: LL.M. Dual Degree, J.D. / LL.M. more…

White Plains, New York 19 Followers 29 Discussions
Recognized as a leading institution in environmental and international law, Pace Law School welcomes students from around the world to its campus in the New York City metropolitan area. Pace offers highly-ranked LLM programs in Environmental Law and Comparative Legal Studies, plus the research-oriented SJD in Environmental Law. While at Pace, students enjoy the best of both worlds – a beautiful, quiet law school campus in Westchester County, with central Manhattan just a short train ride away.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Environmental Law, LL.M. in Comparative Legal Studies, SJD in Environmental Law more…

Dual Degree: JD / LL.M. in Environmental Law more…

Baltimore, Maryland 36 Followers 20 Discussions
Maryland - Carey Consider Maryland Carey Law’s LLM specializations in business law, cybersecurity law, health law, environmental law, intellectual property law, and other areas. The law school is part of the University's Graduate Campus in Baltimore, Maryland, with easy access to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Business Law, LL.M. in Clinical Law, LL.M. in Constitutional Law, LL.M. in Crisis Management, LL.M. in Cybersecurity, LL.M. in Envi... more…

Part-Time: Master of Science in Law – Environmental Law, Master of Science in Law – Health Law, Master of Science in Law – Patent Law more…

London, United Kingdom 708 Followers 773 Discussions
QMUL Queen Mary, University of London’s School of Law, internationally renowned by academics and practitioners as offering a first class LLM Programme with 21 different specialisms. Staff have substantial practical legal work and world leading research experience. Along with the expertise of high profile Judges, practitioners, Business Leaders and distinguished Visiting Academic Fellows, Queen Mary can offer you an academically challenging and relevant LLM in a friendly and supportive environment.

Full-Time: LL.M. (Master of Laws), LL.M. in Art, Business and Law, LL.M. in Banking and Finance Law, LL.M. in Commercial and Corporate Law, LL.M. in Co... more…

Part-Time: Postgraduate Diploma in Law, Postgraduate Diploma (Flexible Study) Laws more…

By Research: MA in Law by Research, PhD more…

Distance Learning: LL.M. in Computer and Communications Law, LLM in International Dispute Resolution, Postgraduate Diploma in Computer and Communications Law,... more…

Dual Degree: Sorbonne Law School - Queen Mary University of London Double LL.M., Dual LL.M. in Commercial Law more…

Washington, District of Columbia 308 Followers 314 Discussions
George Washington GW Law is a premier center of legal scholarship, producing leaders in government, business, judicial, and private legal spheres. Our faculty of experts with extensive real-world experience is committed to teaching, and our staff is dedicated to serving the needs of all our students. GW Law is located across the street from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Our nine-building complex creates an open, collaborative atmosphere and features state-of-the art technologies.

Full-Time: General LL.M., LL.M. in Business & Finance Law, LL.M. in Energy & Environmental Law, LL.M. in Environmental Law, LL.M. in Government Procure... more…

By Research: S.J.D. more…

Dual Degree: LL.M. in Environmental Law / MPH, LL.M. in International and Comparative Law / MA more…

Hartford, Connecticut 37 Followers 22 Discussions
UConn Law UConn Law provides four LLM programs to fit the unique needs of incoming LLM students. If you are looking for a broad U.S. law curriculum, U.S. Legal Studies is the best option. For specializations, UConn Law provides unmatched opportunities in Insurance Law, Energy & Environmental Law, and Human Rights & Social Justice. At UConn School of Law, our programs focus on building expertise, making connections and advancing careers.

Full-Time: LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies, LL.M. in Energy and Environmental Law, LL.M. in Human Rights and Social Justice, LL.M. in Insurance Law more…

Portland, Oregon 26 Followers 19 Discussions
Lewis & Clark Lewis & Clark’s Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law program is ranked as one of the best in the U.S. The LL.M. is designed for U.S. and international law school graduates who want to emphasize environmental, natural resources, or energy law in their legal practice or in teaching, research, or public policy. Started in 1988, Lewis & Clark’s LL.M. is well-established and well-known in national and international circles.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Law, LL.M. in Animal Law more…

San Francisco, California 42 Followers 27 Discussions
Golden Gate University (GGU) Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, Golden Gate University School of Law attracts students from around the world to our six LLM programs and one SJD program. Admitted students take advantage of easy access to the local courts, law firms, government agencies and nonprofit organizations that provide our students with outstanding networking and practice opportunities. Our world class faculty, most of whom are attorneys themselves, create a dynamic classroom experience for students.

Full-Time: LL.M. in Environmental Law, LL.M. in Estate Planning, LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law, LL.M. in International Legal Studies, LL.M. in Tax... more…

By Research: SJD in International Legal Studies more…

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Environmental Law

Environmental Law is an increasingly relevant LL.M. specialization as activists, businesses, politicians and policymakers grapple with climate change and how to prevent it. It is also an increasingly popular specialization among LL.M. students. Environmental Law programs cover local and international frameworks for environmental protection, the use of natural resources and climate change prevention. Students are also exposed to various related topics including water law, business and trade, indigenous land issues, environmental justice and historic preservation. An LL.M. in Environmental Law prepares students for work in private law firms, as environment and sustainability advocates, as educators and policymakers, and for work in international bodies.

Environmental Law / Energy Law / Resources Law

A listing of LL.M programs in Environmental Law and Energy Law, offered by law schools all around the world. Get info on LLM tuition, rankings, scholarships, TOEFL / IELTS scores, and more at LLM GUIDE.

Name School
U.S. - Asia Partnership for Environmental Law LL.M. Fellowship Vermont Law School
International Scholar Award Golden Gate University (GGU)
Global Scholar Award Golden Gate University (GGU)
George Perkins Marsh Conservation Scholarship Vermont Law School
First Nations Scholarship Vermont Law School
Environmental Law Center International Scholarship Vermont Law School
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic Fellowship Vermont Law School
The Kololian Family Scholarship for International Law Students University of Ottawa - Faculty of Law
George David Family Scholarships University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh Law School
UNEP - Georgetown Law Center Global Environment & Sustainability Law Fellowship Georgetown University Law Center (GULC)
Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme University of Reading School of Law
Institute for Energy and the Environment Global Energy LLM Fellowship Vermont Law School
The University of Dundee Global Excellence Scholarship Taught Postgraduate University of Dundee - School of Law
Norton Rose Fulbright CCLS Scholarships Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
Energy and the Environment Scholarship Vermont Law School
The Faculty of Law Scholarship in Environment and Sustainability University of Ottawa - Faculty of Law
University of Groningen Talent Grant: Partial Scholarship Law University of Groningen - Faculty of Law
EU Talent Grant Law University of Groningen - Faculty of Law
SFC Postgraduate Tuition Fees Scholarships University of Aberdeen - School of Law
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic Toxics Fellowship Vermont Law School
Environmental Justice Research Fellowship University of Ottawa - Department of Criminology
Graduate Funding Available for Research in Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Environmental Law University of Ottawa - Faculty of Law