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Rondebosch, South Africa 67 Followers 27 Discussions

Full-Time: General LL.M., LL.M. Commercial Law, LL.M. Dispute Resolution, LL.M. Environmental Law, LL.M. Intellectual Property Law, LL.M. International... more…

Cape Town, South Africa 27 Followers 4 Discussions

Full-Time: LL.M. in Constitutional Litigation, LL.M. in Disability Law and Policy, LL.M. in Environmental Law, LL.M. in International and Human Rights... more…

By Research: LL.M. by Thesis more…

Medford, Massachusetts 53 Followers 46 Discussions
Fletcher School - Tufts As the oldest graduate school of international affairs in the United States, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy is distinctive for its collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach. Fletcher’s flexible curriculum, distinguished faculty, and accomplished community of students and alumni provide a thorough preparation to meet global challenges that transcend borders, disciplines, and sectors. The international law faculty organizes a continuing "High Table" colloquium for LL.M. students. Taught...

Full-Time: LL.M. in International Law more…

Dual Degree: LL.M. / MIL more…

LLM in Shipping Law at Cape Town
Feb 05, 2018  241  Patronus
LLM Capetown or Stellenbosch- begin of term
Jan 15, 2018  632  Patronus
LLM/MBA starting February or later
Oct 27, 2017  328  chicken so...
Where are you from?
Feb 27, 2017  7710  AK13
Best Law School in South Africa
Nov 15, 2015  9501  majed5
Cape Town - LLM
Aug 10, 2015  2923  Christophe...
LLM in Maritime Law
Apr 26, 2015  25455  ftakd
Jan 01, 2014  592  Stephens7
Exchange UCT
Aug 16, 2013  84  Julie r
May 29, 2013  325  blauwalkuh
Comparative/International Law Only
Feb 07, 2013  3824  Brainy Smu...
LLM in Maritime Law 2010/11
Apr 12, 2011  4785  law-law
DL LLM in Souith Africa?
Feb 15, 2011  1002  BizLawProf
Distance LLM in South Africa other than UNISA?
Feb 15, 2011  3049  BizLawProf
LLM Advice to Student from South Africa?
Oct 29, 2010  44  matthewmox
Tution Fees UCT LLM
Aug 11, 2010  1244  mba
Anyone applying to UCT 2008/09?
Dec 13, 2009  2274  bazzy
Reputation of UCT (University of Cape Town)?
Oct 16, 2009  6081  Raf2411
Jun 12, 2009  263  adewumi
Cape Town
Apr 27, 2009  5972  deltame199...
Life at Cape Town
Jun 25, 2008  1332  marthajoas...
Is London that great?
Jun 22, 2008  589  lmwoods
UCT February 2009 Anyone??
Apr 23, 2008  260  Maureen
UCT - Reputation
Nov 01, 2007  890  Chris_Edin...
Cape Town - expensive?
Jul 23, 2007  944  Lit
uni of cape town
Apr 20, 2007  1144  Lit
Wits Law School
Apr 02, 2007  2102  Lit
Funding fix for UCT
Dec 18, 2006  137  Di
Uni.of Pretoria International Trade& Investment Law in Afric...
Aug 23, 2006  921  tickle
advice on sydney
Feb 21, 2006  228  Matthias
too late?
Feb 17, 2006  246  geoman

LL.M. Programs in Transnational Law

By Emily Cataneo on Aug 11, 2015

LL.M. Programs in Air and Space Law

By V. Wish on May 14, 2013

Postgraduate Law Diplomas and Certificates: An LL.M. Alternative?

By V. Wish on Aug 30, 2012

The LL.M. in Maritime Law

By V. Wish on Jan 26, 2009

Maritime/Admiralty Law

Maritime law—sometimes known as admiralty law—regulates activities that take place on the sea. Many countries have their own laws which govern maritime activities within their borders, but there are also various treaties and conventions which provide a framework for international maritime laws. Students pursuing an LL.M. program in Maritime or Admiralty Law will be exposed to a number of issues important in the field, including regulation of shipping, marine insurance, and international trade. And increasingly, LL.M. programs in Maritime Law are also exploring related topics, such as marine pollution and climate change. An LL.M. in Maritime Law can prepare grads for a variety of jobs, including maritime specialists in private law firms, legal analysts at maritime insurance firms, or positions at international bodies.