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Tucson, Arizona 17 Followers 21 Discussions
A top-tier U.S. law school, the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law--Arizona Law--offers graduates of U.S. and foreign law schools the opportunity to pursue a master of laws (LLM) in one of two well-recognized programs: International Trade and Business Law or Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy. For many non-U.S. lawyers, Arizona Law's Advanced JD program may be a better option, offering a two-year JD and access to the bar exam in all 50 states. Study in sunny Tucson, Arizona, t...

Full-Time: Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy LL.M., International Trade and Business Law LL.M., General LL.M., Master of Legal Studies (MLS) General Pa... more

By Research: Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy SJD, International Trade and Business Law SJD more

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 8 Followers 13 Discussions
LSU Law Center Best Value American LL.M. Program •    On average, the cost of tuition & fees paid by our LL.M. candidates is below $10,000 for the entire year. This makes our LL.M. program one of the most affordable in the United States. •    While the average passage rate of foreign educated test-takers on the New York Bar Exam is less than 50 percent, in the past seven years, our LL.M. passage rate has been 100 percent. Our passage rate for the Louisiana Bar Exam is also 100 percent. 

Full-Time: LL.M. in Comparative Law more

Washington, District of Columbia 843 Followers 864 Discussions
Georgetown Law, in Washington, D.C., has one of the most well-established graduate programs in the United States and offers an unparalleled opportunity for lawyers to broaden and deepen their understanding of law through advanced study. Our LL.M., S.J.D. and Certificate students come from more than 60 countries and close to 150 different law schools from around the world. Georgetown Law offers general/flexible degree programs as well as specialties including Taxation, Securities, Global Health,...

Full-Time: General Studies LL.M., Environmental and Energy Law LL.M., Global Health Law LL.M., Global Health Law & International Institutions LL.M., In... more

Distance Learning: Executive Taxation LL.M., Executive LL.M. Securities and Financial Regulation, Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) in Taxation more

Dual Degree: LL.M. Dual Degree, J.D. / LL.M. more

Seattle, Washington 76 Followers 75 Discussions
UW School of Law Top-ranked among world universities, the University of Washington School of Law has LL.M. programs in Asian and Comparative, Global Business, Health, Intellectual Property and Policy, Sustainable International Development, Tax, and in General Law. In addition, the law school offers a Master of Jurisprudence program designed for non-lawyers seeking a fundamental understanding of law to help them recognize and respond to the complex legal and regulatory issues in their professional lives.

Full-Time: General Law LL.M., LL.M. in Asian & Comparative Law, LL.M. in Global Business Law, LL.M. in Health Law, LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law,... more

Honolulu, Hawaii 31 Followers 30 Discussions
The University of Hawaii offers foreign law graduates two excellent opportunities to gain a broader understanding of the U.S. legal system: the Master of Laws (LLM) Program or the Advanced JD (AJD) Program. The LLM Program is a one-year Master's degree course, while the AJD Program enables candidates to earn a Juris Doctor degree in as little as two years. The LSAT examination is not required by applicants for either program. Exceptional LLM graduates also have the option of transferring to our...

Full-Time: General LL.M. more

By Research: Doctor of Juridicial Science more

JD for International Lawyers: Advanced JD Program for Foreign Law Graduates more

Berkeley, California 955 Followers 510 Discussions
Berkeley Law Berkeley Law is one of the top law schools in the U.S. At Berkeley Law, students are taught by distinguished professors who are cutting edge scholars and leaders in their fields. Berkeley Law offers 4 paths to the LL.M. degree: The traditional track, a 9-month academic year program; thesis track, an academic year program that includes a thesis; professional track, which spans 2 consecutive summer terms; and the hybrid option, one summer term in residence bookended by 2 terms of online study.

Full-Time: LL.M. Traditional Track, LL.M. Professional Track, LL.M. Hybrid Option, LL.M. Thesis Track, J.S.D. more

Distance Learning: LL.M. Hybrid Option more

Los Angeles, California 49 Followers 44 Discussions
Loyola Los Angeles Loyola Law School's LLM Program is designed for foreign law graduates and for experienced foreign and American lawyers. Our school offers LLM degrees in American Law, Civil Litigation & Advocacy, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Entertainment & Media Law, Intellectual Property, International Business Law and Tax Law.

Full-Time: General LL.M., LL.M. in Civil Litigation and Advocacy, LL.M. in Criminal Justice, LL.M. in Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, LL.M. in Entertainm... more

Los Angeles, California 251 Followers 206 Discussions
USC Gould The LL.M. Program at USC Law School is a master's degree program for students trained in law outside the U.S. The program introduces outstanding foreign lawyers to American law and the U.S. legal system and prepares them for leadership roles in the global market. Through the LL.M. Program, foreign lawyers have an opportunity to meet and interact not only with the faculty and J.D. students but also with practicing lawyers from around the world. 

Full-Time: Master of Laws (LL.M.), Two-Year Extended LL.M., Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution (LL.M. in ADR), Master of Comparative Law... more

Distance Learning: Master of Laws (LL.M.), Online Master of Studies in Law (MSL), Online Certificate in Entertainment Law and Industry, Online Certificate in C... more

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Jan 26, 2018

Loyola Law School Launches New Bar Track for LL.M.

Dec 12, 2017

Fordham to Launch a Professional Track LL.M. Program

Sep 07, 2017

University of Hawaii at Manoa Launches a Two-Year JD Program

Jul 07, 2017

Univeristy of Law to Offer LL.M. With Bar Training

Dec 08, 2016

Keio University to Launch an LL.M. Program

Aug 10, 2016

University of Idaho to Launch an LL.M. Program this Fall

Mar 08, 2016

Católica Global School of Law and Boston University Launch Dual-Degree LL.M.

Jan 14, 2016

US Law Schools to Hold LL.M. Info Sessions in Asia

Nov 09, 2015

GW Law to Host Webinar for Potential LL.M. Applicants on October 22

Oct 15, 2015

Nine US Law Schools to Hold LL.M. Info Sessions in South America

Sep 09, 2015

Fordham Launches Two-Year JD

May 14, 2015

Case Announces One-Year Masters in Patent Practice Program

Apr 03, 2015

Wake Forest Launches Two-Year JD

Mar 18, 2015

Católica and Cornell Launch Double LL.M Program

Mar 03, 2015

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